UFPR Students Receive One of the World's Top Design Awards

Two students from the UFPR Product Design course were awarded this week with the IF Student Design Award, one of the largest and most internationally renowned competitions for young designers.
“Razor” is the name of the award-winning project, a support for bicycles that, as it is not fixed on the ground, can be easily disassembled and transported for different events. The work was conceived by students Carlos Alberto de Melo Júnior and Ana Carolina Lino Buissa, of the 4th year of Product Design, guided by Professor Ken Fonseca, as part of the Product Design discipline.
The students worked on the subject of sustainable mobility, and they had information from Ciclovida, an extension project of UFPR.
The product was designed for large cities, which increasingly use the bike, and can be used in squares, parking lots and events. Carlos Alberto explained that one of the objectives of the project is to pass reliability and security to the user. The student celebrated the news: “It is a very prestigious award worldwide, recognition is very great. It values ​​a professional career in design.”
“For us, the recognition of the students means the recognition of the quality of teaching at UFPR and the Department of Design,” celebrated Fonseca.
The iF Student Design Award annually selects the 100 most intelligent and innovative design concepts. Students and graduates less than two years old can apply.Competition is high; This year, there were almost 14 thousand registrations. The award is granted by iF International Forum Design, which is based in Hannover, Germany.