Rodrigo Hilbert Does Bike Trail and Encourages Fernanda to Pedal

The presenter and chef leaves the kitchen aside and shows, at this Saturday’s stars, another of his passions

Rodrigo Hilbert is one of the stars of this Saturday, 21. The presenter and chef of the kitchen and shows the public one of his passions: riding a bicycle. But it’s not any pedaling. The hostess Fernanda Lima’s husband and father of the twins Joao and Francisco will climb the Tijuca Forest in Rio de Janeiro through the almost 5 km of trail that lead to Vista Chinesa and the Emperor’s Table.

“A year and a half ago I started to pedal here, and the place is so inviting, so beautiful and so exciting that I started to pedal every day.When I saw it, I was buying a new bike and today it is practically the sport of my Life,”says the heartthrob, who, faced with so much pleasure in the sport, has become a great supporter of the sport in the family.
“I’m starting to bring Fernanda here, the children are still very small, but they love to ride, they watch their father come by bicycle at home and they say: when can I go with you?”
After the ascent, Rodrigo and Angélica have a delicious conversation, sprinkled with delicacies from the South of Brazil, where the presenter was born. The program, which is unmissable, still counts on the participation of the actor Marcos Pasquim. The interpreter of Carlos Alberto, from Babylon, displays the beautiful collection of hats he preserves at home. And in the ‘Flavors’ box, journalist Mariana Ferrão, host of Welfare, teaches four recipes typical of Mexican cuisine.