Ciclofaixa Is Option to "Relax" After Returning to School

Resumption of the school year brings young people back to day to day of studies, works, exams, tasks and Ciclofaixa can be “escape” for the stress of everyday.
School vacations are coming to the end. The restart of the school year, however, does not serve as an excuse for children, teenagers and young people to stop practicing healthy and outdoor activities. The Ciclofaixa of leisure, consolidated as one of the main programs of Ribeirão-Pretano on the weekends, will continue as an option for families throughout the second semester.
And for parents whose children have up to 7 years, one more reason to take them home on Sundays and take them to pedal: children up to this age do not pay the first hour of use of bike rental.
“The lap to class demands dedication from young people, who will soon have to deal with countless homework, work and evidence. and relaxing on the weekends is necessary to get them out of the pressure from day to day. You must seek alternative activities that offer fun, entertainment and, of course, without forgetting the sporting practice. The Ciclofaixa unites all these characteristics and is the ideal place also for this practice in conjunction with the whole family, “highlights Danilo Terra, coordinator of the Ciclofaixa of Ribeirão Preto.
“Cycling is a complete mode and its practice is indicated for stress control, cardiovascular health and also to improve interaction with environment,” adds Danilo.
There are more than six years uninterrupted in the city, the Ciclofaixa of leisure unites physical activity and family integration on Sundays at Avenida Maurílio Biagi, in a route that binds the parks Raya and Curupira. To take advantage of the bicycle rental service, you must present a photo document.
The Ciclofaixa of leisure takes place every Sunday, from 07h to 1pm and is held by the Paulista de Cycling Federation, sponsored by Banco do Brasil Seguros, Bild Real estate development and Decathlon. He has cosponsoring of the Wizard, Baron de Mauá, Ali Samir Supermarkets, Zumm and Zumm For Fun. It also counts with the support of the São Francisco Group, EPTV, newspaper the city, CBN, young Pan, A2 Informatics and Unpresas.
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