Brazilian Bmx Female Selection Is Contemplated with Cbc Exchange Project

Athletes embarked on tuesday (24) to the united states, where they join with the men’s team.
Under the auspices of the Brazilian Cycling Confederation (CBC) Exchange Project, sponsored by the Federal Savings Bank, the Brazilian BMX girls embarked on Tuesday (24) for the Chula Vista Olympic Center in the United States, where they join With the men’s team, who embarked in early February, and initially will remain until July.
The goal of the project is to also include women’s selection on the international circuit, as it has been done in the men’s team, making a specific preparation for the World Cup stages that take place from April. “This phase will be very important, because the preparation will be accompanied by qualified professionals and is being performed in an environment completely aimed at high level athletes,” said Guilherme Pussieldi, coach of the National Team.
The athletes selected for the project were Bianca Quinalha, Priscilla Carnaval and Thaynara Morosini. Currently occupying the 19th place in the world ranking, Priscilla believes that training with the entire team in one of the best centers in the world will make a lot of difference. “Being part of the project makes me very happy, even more able to train with the entire team in one of the best centers in the world. This is another important step to being prepared and facing the major international championships. I thank CBC and Caixa Econômica Federal for the great opportunity,”said the athlete.
For Francisco Florêncio, director of the CBC High-Income Department, the moment is decisive for the Olympic classification.”We are going through the most important moment for the Rio 2016 qualification. Our main goal is to get our athletes to arrive very well prepared in the main competitions and get to score points for the world ranking, which will qualify for the Olympics. Currently we have two athletes in the top 30 and this shows that we are on the right track,”said Francisco.