5 Tips to Be a Photographer More Productive

Be more productive and take better advantage of the working day are the dreams of many professionals, entrepreneurs and ordinary people. After all, we all think that we could produce more and have more hours on our clock, isn’t it?

5 Tips to Be a Photographer More Productive 1

But what is the secret to be a photographer more productive?

The experience and the mistakes will be your biggest allies in learning. They will be the ones able to show you how to actually be more productive and effective in your day to day life as a photographer.

However, some basic tips can help you get there!

See this post for some tactics and simple practices to be a photographer more productive and make better use of your time. Check out these tips and increase your productivity as much as before!


The first tip in photography is to plan your workday in advance, before you even begin to engage with their daily activities. This is important so that you know what you need to do and when you want to devote to each appointment.

If you do not have much control over their activities, it is likely that you’re busy with you don’t need and doing things that are important to your career as a photographer. Therefore, the first step is to list the chores and find out what really matters in this list.

Then, set a time to devote to each task and just head to the next item in the list after you complete it. After all, it is not enough to start editing photos and checking e-mail at the same time and not finish any of them at the end of the day.

In addition, a list of tasks or a schedule, it helps to create an appointment with what needs to be done and ends up with procrastination, which is the old habit of leaving things for later.

5 Tips to Be a Photographer More Productive 2


What are the times that you are more connected and active? It is morning, afternoon or evening? There is a right answer here, only what works for you.

Some people agree fully arranged and connected in 220v. They can get out of bed and run a marathon, if necessary. Others, simply are not able to do any activity before 12pm.

You need to understand how your body works and what is your time more productive. Then, focus on the activities that demand more of your attention and energy in those moments. In this way, it will be easier to conclude what needs to be done and you will be more willing to perform these tasks.

If you still don’t know your time productive, start observing your performance during the day and do some testing. With time, you will realize in the moments of your day produces more and, thus, learn how to use these peaks of productivity in your favor.


The world is full of distractions and for the photographers is no different, especially when we focus on a number of roles in our backs. You can actually lose many hours of your day watching all the portfolios on the internet, or by following their idols and favorites.

There is nothing wrong in doing this, on the contrary. You need to do this follow-up to keep up to date and improve their photographic skills. However, if you want to be a photographer more productive, you need to limit the time spent with distractions.

The secret is to keep the focus on the activities that need to be done and forget all the rest. This includes turning off electronic devices, if you isolate in your room or office and what you need to use the maximum of your focus and creativity.

The distractions, as well as the most productive period, change from person to person. Some photographers can edit photos while the TV is on in the background, for example. Already other, even after trying all the ways, they can not work with no noise.

Therefore, please note your working day and focus on the hours spent for each activity. See also what distractions take up your time and you are doing it to waste time. After that, it is only to reduce the time spent or even eliminate these activities completely.

5 Tips to Be a Photographer More Productive 3


If you have already made your to-do list, surely she realized that she was as well extensive. Photographers that accumulate the function of entrepreneurs know exactly what I’m talking about.

There are so many things to do that you ask yourself: will I do it? Can anyone really do all this?

The secret is to break the whole into small activities and goals to meet during a working day. Already the next step is to start by the things more quick and easy to complete. That is, tasks that do not take much of your time and energy.

When you get to scratch these items from your list, your motivation goes to the heights. You see your list decreasing during the day and if you feel motivated to continue performing their tasks. And let’s face it, motivation is never too much, isn’t it?

So start with the small things and go completing them quickly. This will give you the gas needed to survive a day of exhausting work, but productive, above all.


Finally, the last tip to become a photographer more productive is to use any productivity tool in your day-to-day. Can be a notebook, a calendar, a mobile app, or even an online service.

The important thing is to have some place to focus your tasks and also track your progress during the day. This way, you get to keep the pike till the end of the day, and complete all of the goals you have listed for today.

Among the most famous apps are: SWIPES, Meister Task or Trello. Get to know each one of them and see which best fits with your needs.

And there, like these productivity tips for photographers? Have any other tips to add to this list and to help colleagues? Share your suggestion below and exchange experiences with other readers.