YouTube will of 6/2 Ads That Can Not Be Skipped (the Fault of the Smartphone)

From May, you will see 6 seconds ads that can not be skipped on YouTube. The new advertising format will be added to the existing video service, such as pre-rolls 30 seconds or more, which can be watched by the end if you are interest in advertising or simply ignored. The reason? Google is focusing on an important public (and platform).
A survey commissioned by YouTube shows that half of users aged 18 to 49 uses the smartphone as the primary device to watch the videos. The contents with shorter duration tend to make more success among this audience, especially in mobile. And the same happens with advertisements.
In tests, Google found that ads Bumper (lasting 6/2) fare better than traditional TrueView (lasting at least 30 seconds and the option to skip the ad), when considered metrics such as memory and recognition. That is, the new format can be more interesting for promotional campaigns, product launches or needing quick reach.
So, wait for ads like this, Atlantic Records, to promote the second album by English Rudimental:
Or this, Coca-Cola, the first customer to test the Bumper Ads in Brazil:
Or this, Audi, which combines Bumper ad, just five seconds to make an initial impact:
… Combined with a traditional ad, longer, to generate more engagement:
The new advertisements 6/2 begin to appear for all users and advertisers in May. They will be paid per view, different from TrueView in which companies pay only when users actually watch ads.