Would You Wear High Waist Pants?

High waist is super “in” and some famous muses have even joined the fashion, but will it catch?
While some actresses have already adopted the “modelon”, there are people who refuse to use the new hit fashion. In the corridors of SPFW, I heard some models talking about it: “Creed! This tall jeans is awful! We look like Maria Mijona! “
Already a stylist said to me: “Because it values ​​the women’s waist, it leaves any woman a luxury!”. Is that you? Until the end of the collection will surrender to the new outfit?
Fernanda Lima was the first Brazilian to bet on this trend. After the actress played the character Maria Bo in “Pé na Jaca”, she was no longer seen wearing double-breasted pants.
Gwen Stefani is another who loves a high waist to make that look “60’s diva”-the blonde’s face!
Déborah Secco also loves to wear the jeans up there. As always, the actress does a very sexy look with high waist and a low-cut blouse. (Beware girls: as this model of pants already marks the waist, it is good not to abuse too much in the neckline!)
Model Kate Moss was the first fashion icon to wear high waist. Unlike the modeling that is pumping here in Brazil, the Englishman prefers the model sailor pants (in Portuguese: sailor’s pants), which is a waist-high pants.
Already Beyoncé ever more glam, loves short or high waist skirt and cintão over.In fact, this piece is ideal for full-bodied women as the singer, since it values ​​the curves.
Keira Knightley is one of the actresses who has most released trends. She was also one of the precursors of this model. He’s been wearing his jeans down there for years and started wearing only high waist. What’s up, Keira? Tell us! What is the next model?
The Triton has a summer collection inspired by Fergie. Like the pop diva, the parade came packed with short shorts with high waist and a mega jumping.
This Cap Bula capri is a very charming way to wear your high waist next summer. Play with a well-laid T-shirt and platform, underfoot or sneaker on the feet.
The TNG bet on high waist pleated, super 80s This is a very controversial model.While some worship, others find it very conceptual.