Wonder Woman Party: See the 18 Best Decorating Ideas

Thanks to the film’s release, the song “wonder woman” came back with all the children’s birthdays.
The wonder woman party is the new trend of the moment. Girls from all over the world want to decorate the birthday with the colors, symbols and elements that represent the history of heroin. Read the story and check out the best ideas of decoration.
Wonder woman is a comic book character that delights people all over the world since the 40. Also known as Diana Prince, she was trained from an early age to defend Earth from evil forces. The character became a true icon of pop culture.
With the premiere of the movie wonder woman in June 2017, the character returned to success among children and adolescents. The fever is such that thousands of girls dream of a party totally inspired by the superhero.

Decorating ideas for wonder woman party

The House and Party panned on the internet the best decorating ideas for wonder woman-themed party. Check out:

1 – Combine blue, red and yellow

The first step to planning your party decor wonder woman is thinking on the combination of colors. Abuse of blue, red and yellow in every detail, because these three primary colours symbolize the heroine.

2-Glass filters with colorful juices

How about serve colored juices in glass filters? That choice makes the birthday menu healthier and sina values the decoration. Each filter can be related to a special power, to awaken the interest of children.

3 – Thematic Brigadier

Prepare brigadier normally. Then wrap them in sprinkles in blue, red and yellow. Then, just put three honeys with the colors that symbolize the wonder woman in each cup and serve. It’s a simple idea, easy to perform and that fits in your pocket.

4-Cake inspired by the superhero

Wonder woman cake is an attraction to part in the main table. He must find ways of valuing the superhero through your finish. In the following image, we have a cake inspired by the uniform of the character.

5-Symbol of wonder woman

The symbol of heroin can appear in different places in children’s birthday party, as is the case with the bottom of the main table. It can be yellow or gold.

6-Featured Character

Every detail of the party should be in charge of the main character. Therefore, be sure to print the image of wonder woman in the packaging of candy, in the bags of souvenirs and in the tags.


Wonder woman is a fictional character that comes from the comic stories. How about taking this climate of HQ for a children’s Party? Abuse of talk balloons, designs and elements that appear in the superhero comics.

8-Pots with candy

In search of ideas for the souvenir of the wonder woman party? Then try to surprise the guests with pots with candy. For decoration of each package, value the character design, colors and comic elements. Another interesting treat is the bucket of popcorn personalized with the birthday theme.

9 – Cupcakes wonder woman

Wonder woman can serve as inspiration to cook cupcakes. These individual cakes are perfect for decorating the main table or to give the guests at the end of the party.


The superhero faces the dangers of a great metropolis to protect people. To represent the sceneries, worth valuing the buildings and the lights of the city.

11-Themed Cookies

Themed crackers are the most successful children’s birthday party. When the topic is “wonder woman”, you can inspire in balloons of comic books and uniform from heroin.

12-Custom Bottles

Serve drinks in plastic cups is a thing of the past. The trend now is to offer custom glass bottles for small guests. Don’t forget to customize each package with the visual identity of the party.

13-Macarons with symbol of heroin

The macarons are cute and sophisticated candy that can not miss on the main table. Try ordering some copies custom red with the symbol of the hero, as shown below.

14-Inspired Pop Art

Pop Art is an art movement created in the 50, aiming to enhance the popular art and make a critique of mass culture. He appreciates many elements, such as the comic stories.

15-Decorative Letters

Decorative letters forming the name of the birthday boy, are welcome in the decoration of the main table. Each letter can be decorated with comic book superhero.

17-Character dolls

There are thousands of wonder woman dolls that can be used in decoration, which are made of cloth, plastic, porcelain, plaster, among other material. Choose a beautiful piece to decorate the main table.

18 – Drums, boxes and furniture painted

You can customize reels, boxes and furniture, all with the colors and the visual identity of the party. Later, these elements can be used to decorate the bottom of the main table.
And there? Do you have more suggestions for decorating the party wonder woman? Leave a comment with your idea.