Women's Fashion Bikinis 2016

The main fashion events and international catwalks have announced what will be the bikinis features for the year 2016. As still lack a bit for the arrival of the year, we can take advantage of this time to go searching without much concern.
Now with the models, shapes, colors and the whole trend in mind, you do not need to rush out to the shops looking for the pieces. Thanks to time, we can go window-shopping without much pretension to stroll the mall, for example, and see the the model hangers that will be highlighted, just go there and choose the right size!
Throughout the text you will know what will be in the list of the best for beachwear 2016.


It’s been a while that Brazil beachwear has been very generous with all kinds of women’s swimsuits and bikinis to suit all tastes and body types. There are more daring pieces and some larger for the more discreet women.
But there is a specific piece that appeared in weight in many styles. It is a top format with the style of a more closed trapezoid. The piece resembles that figure.
There are three brands that brought their collections to the blog.

The Coconut Water has a more sophisticated selection, directed to the people who will prefer to spend the summer in resorts. There are pieces made by artisans from Ceará (that pride, not ?!). With inspiration from natural elements such as cacti and even a typical cearense plant, Pacavira, the pieces bring embroidery, lace and applications. A very beautiful item in the parts is the sails of the rafts that are highlighted in prints.
The Triya has models that have delicate silhouettes of mermaids and other graphics that left the board of a surfer like pattern. The focus is a love story between this mermaid and the surfer.
Salinas already has references in Morocco. 2016 bikinis of the brand is inspired by the country carpets because of their patterns and colors with yellow, pink and earthy tones.


Another feature for bikinis 2016 beyond this diversity shown above is also the predominance of sober colors. Also in São Paulo Fashion Week there were parades of bathing suits, beach wraps and bikinis with sober colors and military inspiration. It is demonstrating the moss green, the most predominant color among this specification.
Salinas has a swimsuit closed with application buttons. Because of the seriousness of color, Salinas also bet on prints that resemble the summer break for a little closed tone. The sober colors were present even in Hot pants!
To Agua de Coco and traditional bikinis came in sober tones.
The stakes for 2016 continue to diverse. Salinas also has wider models and some with belts. Also the most closed tops are new that seem look like blouses.
On the other hand the Coconut Water has also large panties, since the tops have a different model with vertical strips. Rents over the print are complementary to the traditional models. Embroidery and transparencies complement the simplest models.
The bikinis models beyond its diversity of patterns and shapes create these numerous options for numerous types of women. Just realize that among the many different shapes each has a type that fits better some body types. There are hot pants, the smaller panties; the colors more sober and with flashy prints; those with the bust details more value body and others value elsewhere.
The models are using the runways, but the models are ordinary women parade in the sands of your favorite beaches too. Among the models most follow formats with no exaggerated for all to use.
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