With Lots of Paint!

I love balls, because it’s one of those wrecks that never make it past sets. Whether small or large bubbles are present in the spring-summer collections.
The classic black and white combinations are always a good bet, but here’s how you can give that touch to your visual, by customizing it. Try to combine various dimensions or balls with other standards. Or, add accessories to your basic fashion trend to renew your look. So, you can use that dress and shirt you already have for several years, modernizing it with details.
Those who enjoy the vintage style of pin ups will also surrender to righteous skirts (pencil skirt) or very rounds with polka dots, the sleeves with Ruffles and style babydoll dresses or with models that mark the waist and enhance the feminine curves. Finally, the scarves to polka dots, next to the neck or head, can also give that final touch, especially when used with sunglasses cat eye, that are reminiscent of the divas of the years 50 and 60.
10 Looks with polka dots
1. A shirt or skirt the Marbles is very versatile
2. Bet on black and white and in different dimensions
3. Don’t be afraid to mix balls with other standards
4. A Polka-dot dress is a timeless piece
5. To be more creative fashion basic accessories