Why Exercising in the Morning Will Transform Your Routine

The RBS granola project has published an interesting article about exercising in the morning. You can access it from the original link in.
Here are the reasons:

1 – Wake Up The Brain

Coffee is close to a good dose of physical exercise. In addition to doing good for the body, they can do wonders by the mind. A survey conducted by the Uiversity of Texas in the United States, pointed out that in the short term improvement in memory is very visible. In addition, being active from an early age yields a much more productive day at work.

2 – It Makes You Less Stressed

If you are one of those people who wake up thinking about how difficult the day will be, this tip is for you. When you practice exercises in the morning, the level of endorphin released is much higher. The high spirits and well-being last for 12 hours, and thus you will be much happier.:)

3 – Increases Energy

Waking up tired can make your life very difficult, especially at work or college. When you exercise, your body sends oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, organs and tissues.That is: the whole cardiovascular system will work more efficiently, increasing its energy.

4 – Shoot The Metabolism

When you put your muscles to work early in the morning, your body will stay up all day.That means a greater burning of calories and consequently fat!

5 – Free Your Day

Are you going to say that during the week there do not appear invitations to a happy hour, a party or a movie? When you knit in the morning, the day yields more and if the night is totally free. So you do not have to give up social life because you have to go to the gym, right?

6 – Take Away The Crowds

If you’re like me and the gym is full of horror, your problems are over: in the morning there are very few people willing to work out, so the locals are usually a lot less crowded. Your training will not take long!

7 – Deliver A Delicious Post-Workout

After the training, how about preparing a delicious breakfast? It is worth yogurt with granola, whole wheat bread, ricotta, natural fruit juice … Without exaggeration, take some time to replenish the energies you lost during the activity.