White Pants: Fashion Tips

The white pants are becoming more fashionable, though many women don’t know how to use them properly. There are several types of look that can be combined with the white pants.
In this article you will check some fashion tips to match your clothes with white pants.Instructions

  1. The first option to use the white pants with a simple shirt. If you want you can also choose to wear it with a shirt emblazoned with some drawings.You can wear shirts of any color because white is a neutral color. Choose also to choose a shoe that matches the color of the shirt.
  2. For the second option you can use the white pants with a blouse regatta. This option will give more elegance and sophistication to your look. Choose a more vibrant color like green, orange or purple.You can match the color of the blouse with the shoe. Choose to wear sandals or flats you will feel more comfortable and will be totally trendy.
  3. For the third option you must use the white pants with a Paisley shirt. This visual is recommended to be used only in the summer. If you have wide hips don’t wear white pants too tight, as this will accentuate further the volume of your hip.Choose to wear pants with wide model if you have wide hips. Remember to fold the Pant bar to give a more desponjado. For that kind of look you can wear any shoe.
  4. For the fourth option you can use the white pants with silk races. If you’re downtown and want to look a little higher you must use a nude color shoe. He will also confer a greater contrast between the colors of pants and heel of the regatta. If you don’t want to look taller can use a shoe of your color preference.

To the fifth option you can use the white pants with a leather jacket. More colors recommended the jacket for you to use with the white trousers are dark blue, Navy Blue and black.
To compose this look it is imperative that you use only sneakers. Do not place high heel shoes or sandals. Select use a sneaker with a discrete color not to draw much attention.