Which Mobile Device Serves as A Modem?

Basically, any cell phone that has access to a 3 g network, Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth can become a modem. The process of “transforming” the phone into a modem is called tethering. But how does the tethering?
The tethering a smartphone is the process of using the phone as an external modem for a computer, allowing you to access the Internet directly through your phone. To make using your phone as a modem you need to have a wireless data plan for it, as well as a good amount of monthly data sufficient to cover the use of your computer on the internet. Most of the 3 g services providers in Brazil offer packages that limit speed when a certain amount of data is reached. If you don’t want a very slow internet, be prepared to invest a little more in a package of data and prevent the speed is limited. Noting that only 3 g devices will have a good connection to the internet.

For you to make the tethering, you first have to call your mobile service provider and ask to speak with a customer service representative. Ask about the 3 g smartphone plan available. Say you want to share this package with your computer or tablet, using the phone as a modem. Some plans might offer you a 3 g modem, which is not necessary. But if it comes free with a plan, it pays to get the device. In choosing a data package, make a brief research on the quality of the operator’s 3 g services in your city. Despite the nationwide research to give you a general idea of the quality of care, the quality of the services provided is very different from city to city and even from region to region. Even if you choose a certain operator means paying a little more expensive, it’s worth doing this to have a internet with more quality.
There are some plans with unlimited data and others with limitations. If you like to watch a lot of videos on YouTube and lower some large files for 3 g connection, you’d better choose the larger packages. It is worth remembering that the cell being used as modem is like an extra mobility and not a main form of internet connection. This means that the greatest usefulness is the use of the internet to read news, send and receive emails and meetings via chat. Some sporadic videos can be watched without problems. But if they are too frequent, fast you will end up with the data package from your connection. The best way to do this is to start with the most basic plans and then, if necessary, ask your service provider to change the plan to a better one. And if you buy the plans, just also having access to Wi-Fi operator points spread throughout the large urban centers, where you will not “spend” the MB of your plan.
Confirmed the purchase, ask the cashier for the steps required to configure the 3 g connection on your device. Typically, this is done through a configuration message that is sent by the provider to your phone. Ask for the instructions to the clerk and save your settings in your device. Test the 3 g connection on your smartphone before you configure the tethering and any problem presented, please do not hesitate to ask for help by the SAC of your carrier.
After the data package you purchased, you must configure your smartphone for Internet sharing. Each smartphone model is a little different than some people will have to download an application to enable tethering. Android smartphones, for example, has native tethering, without need for applications, since version 2.2. On the iPhone, tethering needs of a particular application. You can share the connection by both Bluetooth (with the exception of the iPhone) as well as Wi-Fi, depending on your device and application used.
Make sure your computer is ready to be connected to the Internet. Verify that your computer has a Bluetooth connection or if it can recognize the network of your mobile phone as modem via Wi-Fi. You can configure a password of access to the internet by the application used on your phone, just as you use this password to connect. You can also connect to mobile via cables, just that it will probably be necessary an application for this purpose. Don’t forget to turn off the data package when you are not using and just connect to the 3 g network when necessary to download some file, access e-mail and other more urgent tasks. Any questions that remain after this article, be sure to ask in the comments space below.