Where to Buy Azaleia Shoes?

Of the popular brands of women’s shoes, few have as much popularity as Azaleia. The brand has only praise of users. Not even a designer with being so well known, neither has its own store, sold in multi – brand shoe stores throughout Brazil. On the web the best known virtual stores are the Catwalk and Dafiti. The two also popular stores sell good products already with Azaleia collection in 2016 for sale and worth a given.
For next spring summer collection Azaleia followed the giants of the fashion world and prized by discreet. We sandals, shoes and sneakers in sober tones, few prints and a few bets, as the pattern of snakeskin. In the most, it is the maximum color trio, even in bright colors thinking about the sun season. The more this color in the collection is still beige, followed by several other major brands thinking of accessories tones to match everything.

Azaleia 2016 Collection Models

What should you forget your closet: the thin high heels. As a trend of the past five years, the brand, as well as competitors, leaving the thin high heels to stay with thicker and more stable models. We do not have the return of the sabot 90s, but we’re getting closer and closer to it with thick heels, little foot elevation and stability in a maximum of seven centimeters.
In discreet and not so high heels, the peep toe is still going strong, maybe walking to the Azaleia fixed line already produces every year more than 30 models of shoes in traditional collection. We have a few innovative colors in peep toes, median jump without much shine and metals. The less accessory on better. Smooth and black and white color dual remain in firm and strong collection. Very black and beige dominating models on Whicheverhealth.
Sneakers for those who want are already in sales. More than twenty new models, discrete and elegant black and white double with details in sewing, no more stones and sparkles as in previous collections. The highlight is the line office, coated and comfortable models geared for the day to day for the executive woman. We have yet to beauties the beautiful sneaker with black lace, differential of the new collection Azaleia and a pattern of discrete leopard, animal print still bet for spring summer fashion.
Sandal Azaleia Is Good?
Despite being a popular footwear, worth the investment, but on some models. If for constant use, such as uniforms, the straps of the sandals are not as durable so because the strips are weak and can break off. There’s always a little way, how to ask for an increase to the shoemaker, then it is worth.
The shoes are the most praised among consumers because there are very few cases of loss of the sole, heel or accidents. They are also more comfortable as usage increases, so are suitable for those who want a feminine footwear with comfort, quality and visual fashion.