When the Shoes Are a Style Statement

Marilyn Monroe said “give a woman the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. More recently, we have seen the passion (and addiction) for the shoes of the character Carrie Bradshaw, in the television series “sex and the city”, which led to actress Sarah Jessica Parker to launch your own line of footwear. The truth is that most women go crazy for this piece sets and can’t resist to have various models and colors in your closet. Here are some tips on how you can make this accessory a style statement!
From the most extravagant to the most classic models, most breeders and international brands launches hundreds of models every year in their fashion collections. But more than invest in new shoes, monetize those who already have and learn how to make new conjugations with your wardrobe.
Thinking on women, seeking more creative solutions and who like to stand out, but without much extravagance, I present some suggestions for easy-to-follow style. Proposals of looks that can use both in your day-to-day as for a special occasion.

  1. Colorful Shoes & Casual
    Take the opportunity to put some colorful shoes with your regular work, look at a visual black and white or neutral colors. This note of color will show your creative side, but discreetly, since the shoes occupy a smaller visual space in the co-ordinated.
  2. Contrasting colors
    To make a monochromatic look more interesting, try placing a different color shoes. This contrast will draw attention to your feet, but in a balanced way. Use a complementary or opposite color, depending on your degree of boldness and occasion.
  3. Black dress
    You see that classic black dress that uses on several occasions? How about adding some flashy shoes to make your more trendy and sophisticated? Choose a model black & white or color and get that special touch with a solution as simple and versatile.
  4. Neutral tones & Color
    Bet on neutral tones to your wardrobe – as is the case with the black, white and grey – and then add some color through accessories. Colored sandals and with details win a major role, the more neutral is coordinated. A good example of how you can use a fashion trend with elegance.
  5. Geometric patterns
    Have you ever thought to put some shoes on the same geometric pattern (or otherwise) to the remaining visual? This combination shows that it is possible to use different standards in a simple, harmonious and original.
  6. Animal Print
    Add some texture to a visual black & white with some shoes animal pattern. If the professional environment is more formal, choose a model in snake skin, which is more discreet. Who wants a casual look, but trendy, you can bet on Leopard or zebra shoes.
  7. Gladiator Shoes
    Are a strong trend spring-summer 2015, shoes and sandals to Gladiator. If you work in a casual setting, choose to use Basic sets with this type of footwear, in order to achieve a professional look distinctive and elegant.
  8. Metallic
    Nothing better than using a metallic: gold or silver plated, to give a touch of sophistication to a casual look. Super chic, metallic tones combine with all kinds of clothes, from the most classic to blue jeans. Versatile, the metallic shoes are a good investment because they can be used at work or at a special event.

Ready to try out new combinations?