When It’s Time to Change My Smartphone?

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is to check if my phone is in my bed, and I always end up watching a YouTube video or reading the latest technology news at the breakfast table in the morning. That’s how I’m connected to my smartphone, even knowing that the last thing I did the night before was browsing the web before I go to sleep. I can’t live without my phone. Yes, I’m a nerd. Being a heavy user of smartphones and a technology news addict, I’m aware of the most recent specifications and features the latest smartphone can offer. A tempting and interesting advertising specifications are always calling the nerd within me, while the price was the only thing that kept me away from them.

When It's Time to Change My Smartphone
Therefore, a very common question appears in my life: When should I think about a new phone? It is a very problematic issue, but today we break this question in groups.

“If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!
A common sense, but it’s true. Is an example of a simple advice, I simply forget, in our desire to buy new things. Keep the device at least until it really doesn’t work properly anymore, and what I meant by not be working properly anymore I mean a true anomaly where you can’t fix easily. Small scratches, dust, or the lack of new features doesn’t count as an anomaly. An obsolete device still works properly is still a functional device, so I really do not recommend you to go buy a new phone for no reason.
What You Need Versus What You Want
New features were perfectly manipulated to make them look extremely fun and interesting to have on your device, especially if you can show them to your family, friends or even neighbors. I understand you, my friend, I feel the same way, believe me. But now that I think about it, how many times you will need to use these features on a daily basis? Some people may need to use certain features on a regular basis to their work or study, but to other regular users, those were just bonus to brag about from time to time. You will use these features less and less every day, and before you know it, you’ll find yourself not to use any of these features. That was just a satisfaction that is not absolutely necessary. Knowing what features you need and that you can bury is very important. You can start toppharmacyschools by identifying the things you do more on your Smartphone. Ask yourself, do you really need all the new features that they offer on newer smartphones?
We Will Never Have Enough
No matter what or how many phones you have, no matter how awesome he is, in 6 months or less, you will find yourself in the desire for more resources, more processing cores, more memory, more storage space, larger screen, slim, sleek design or even another complete your collection of smartphones. You never lose these impulses, is natural. With the rapid growth of technology and innovation, we live in a world of technological wars until the point at which the consumer cannot win because they were forced to buy always the latest and greatest out there. Ad is your poison, and the people around you are your enemies. Try to find out why you need to buy a new smartphone: it was just because you feel dissatisfied with their current ownership, or because its productivity was limited by the current device? Make sure your desire to buy a new phone does not exceed the value of their precious cents.
Timing is Everything
Hundreds of new phones are released each year. There are always new phones that were announced every month, even every week. So, if you really need to change to a newer one, when is the right time? Some people may say it’s now or never. Buy now, don’t look back, and make sure that you’re going to love this phone as it is for a long time. They are correct, but there is one thing I would like to recommend you. If it happens in plan to buy a main device of a company and you’re not in a race, it’s wise to know about your release cycle in the first place. Top of the line phones usually come once a year. If the latest version of the phone you want to are usually released by the end of the year, and if you’re two or three months away, so I recommend you wait a little longer. Be patient to do some research and get more information. You will be more happy to buy a new version of the phone, or at least buy an earlier version as well.
Final Considerations
Smartphone will soon become a necessity for all. It’s thoughtful to know when you really need to buy a new one, instead of wasting your money in vain, because you simply want new features unnecessary, but cool. Knowing that we are too fragile to the temptations, it’s good to have a strong reason to cling to protect of wills. Hopefully this can be a lesson to all and each one of us. I know it’s not as easy as it may seem, but it’s another thing to keep in mind for our future reference.
Now let’s start saving some money, you never know when you may need to spend some in case something happens. Is this something an iPhone 6 or a real financial need.