What to Do When the Gray Hairs

All women go through this moment, the day you look in the mirror and discover the first gray hair. Surprise, concern and the search for a solution, this is the natural process when the signs of aging. And, like the skin, the hair also showed changes over time, since they are more thin, fragile and without volume.
I’ve never met any woman who like to have white hair, but there are those who accepted with all the naturalness of this new reality and not have any problem in the take. After all, sooner or later, all the same, whether it be long before the 30 years or after 40.
According to the experts, the graying hair result of melanin within hair follicles. This fall is due to several factors, such as aging, hormonal changes, and even stress. However, the hereditary factors also contribute to this process.
You may not know it, but there is in Portugal to white-haired Association, created in 2015, whose mission is to develop initiatives and social intervention projects, under the theme of aging and intergeracionalidade, an innovative and alternative way.

Parint It Or Not: That Is The Queation

Choose the right color for your skin tone

If you’re considering coloring my hair for the first time, then you might want to ask them for advice with your hairdresser because there are various types of colouring, but must also assess what color is more suitable for your skin tone. The color choice is critical to not keep a very loaded, if the tone is too dark, or too pale and artificial, should it become too bright. The hair can also help enhance your eyes, for what it’s worth seeing what’s the tone more favors.
Have you ever thought what is the tone you will choose?

Change the color of the hair to a lighter tone

In case you already have the dyed hair, remember that a lighter ink does not act on a darker, for what will be with the root clearer than the tips. If you want to change the color of your hair to a lighter tone, the best advice with your hairdresser, avoiding it is stained or damaged.
If you have a natural hair (no color) see on the packaging which will be the final result, having regard to your base tone.
Another aspect to consider is that the tone of the hair will opening with washes, this is clearer over time. In the case of make other chemical processes (Relaxers, dimples or other), these also change the tone of the hair, and must choose to do the coloring, but not in the same day. Check with your hairdresser how long should wait to dye my hair again.

Identify the best type of coloring

If you have a few gray hairs, maybe it’s not necessary to make a total coloring, since the realization of nuances or locks can help disguise this situation and, in this case, you can take the opportunity to let your hair next to the face, which will confer a greater brightness.
If you prefer a total coloring, so get ready to renew your application every monthas the root grows. There are several color solutions which can make House, great quality and easy to apply, which are an excellent option to the hairdresser. The advantage is that it saves time and money.
In choosing, check the most suitable colour type, because there are temporary, semi-permanent and permanent solutions. In the case of temporary coloring or tone on tone, this will disappear along the washes, but it may not cover white hair. The semi-permanent solution is ideal for those with short white hair and want to try the colour for the first time, as it allows clear or darken only one tom and provides a more natural result. In the case of permanent coloring, this is the most suitable for those who already have many gray hairs.

Choose formulas without ammonia

I advise the permanent colour without ammonia, but which ensures a 100% coverage. Besides the smell be softer, these products promote a minor change in the pH of the hair, avoiding allergies and raising awareness of the capillary fibre in the long run. This type of staining is less aggressive, gives a more natural result and helps maintain healthy hair longer, leaving it soft and shiny. In this category are the coloring INOA (hairdressers) and Prodigy of L’Oreal, Olia of Garnier, Syoss Intense Oil and Kéranove Oil Color.
If this is the first time that will do the coloring at home, then check out this video with step by step.

Care for color-treated hair

The coloring is a chemical process that causes changes in and, as such, must have some care to maintain healthy capillary fiber and prevent the ends stay very dry. Use shampoos, masks and leave-ins for color-treated hair, in order to prolong the color, moisturize and give more shine to the hair. I like to make a moisturizing mask once a week, and apply oil at the ends, let the hair more shiny and silky.

Take the gray hair

When you have a large amount of gray hair, it is best to opt for a very clear tone or simply take your gray hair. And even has a certain charm, don’t you think?
How about enjoy for a makeover? Who knows if this is not a good opportunity to try out that redhead who loves or that tone of caramel or blond who always lusted after.