What is HTTPS?

HTTPS is the abbreviation of Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, which in Portuguese means “Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol”.

What is HTTPS
Currently, this is the most secure version of the Protocol for transferring data between computers on the internetbecause it makes the encryption of the data provided, requires the authentication of servers, among other tools to guarantee the security of data sent and received by the user.

HTTPS is the combination of HTTP and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).Learn more about the meaning of the HTTP.
This protocol appears before the e-mail address of the site that the user wants to access (URL), ensuring that it is a secure data connection between the user’s computer and the servers that host the websites accessed.

The sites that are accessed from a Hypertext Transfer Protocol secure, appear with the code “https://” before the URL.
The main difference between an HTTP protocol and the HTTPS is encrypted communication, which helps to prevent possible attempts of theft of information during the transmission of data between the user’s computer and the servers of the sites.
However, the HTTPS connections are not completely safe, being necessary the presence of Internet Security software installed on your computer, in addition to always stay aware of suspicions of questionable connections.