What is Google Now? How Does It Work?

Google Now is a smart personal assistant available for the Android operating system, Google, and soon also available for cell phones that use the iOS operating system. Initially, the application is an extension of the Android Google Search.
Google Now uses a natural language interface to answer questions, make recommendations and take action, delegating requests for a set of web services. Along with the answers to user-initiated queries, Google Now passively provides information to the user by providing what they want, based on your search habits.

This new system is now implemented as one aspect of Google Search application. It recognizes repeated actions that a user performs on the device, such as common locations, calendar appointments, search queries etc., to display more relevant information to the user in the form of “cards”. The system leverages the database of accumulated information about the user and uses a system to assemble more detailed search results, analyzing the meaning of the data acquired from the user and connections between them.
When using the application, you can get information such as summary of physical activities, birthdays, events and flights. With the integration to Gmail, the application still makes suggestions of restaurants, hotels and events. You can also track packages and parcels with integration to Gmail.
Are offered suggestions for movies, news, meetings, local, public transportation, sports, stock market information, traffic and more.
For anyone who travels or is planning a trip soon, Google Now still suggests points of interest you are still, in addition to suggestions of programs according to your tastes and preferences.
You can also do research with your camera, based on image taken with her, or the GPS location of your phone, customizing the results obtained. With the integration to your cell phone, you can also search for files, websites accessed, pictures and videos, generating quickly and easily to find results.
The most interesting is that this all works automatically, without requiring you to do almost any setting in the device. Just have Google Now installed and it will learning your paths and taste to offer you the information at the right time. Take a test and then tell me in the comments what you think of Google Now.