What is AMOLED Screen?

In today’s world every company wants to build its products better than other companies. In this race are also important part fabrics that are used in various devices such as phones, tablets, cameras and others. Currently, the AMOLED display technology is the one that conquers new clients and fans.
What is AMOLED Screen?
AMOLED displays are also known as the name of active matrix organic light emitting diodes (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode), which is used in telephones and televisions, mainly. The AMOLED screen is a hybrid display technology that combines an active matrix TFT display with an OLED display.

As the AMOLED Screen Works?
These screens are more agile and efficient, fluĂ­dicas in battery usage. Its operation is unlike any on the market, such as monitors, LCD, TFT, IPS, and others.
A AMOLED screen consists of an active matrix OLED pixels that generate light (luminescence) about providing voltage to the anode and cathode materials. By stimulating the organic layer, the pixels AMOLED and shut down more than three times faster than the speed of conventional cinema film. Due to this simple construction, AMOLED screens can be extremely thin and do not require backlighting.
In AMOLED displays, Pentile Word is also used. In fact its technology, which have only a single sub-pixel red, blue, green for real pixel displays Pentile RGBG sub-pixels layout has two green sub-pixels for each red and blue pixel, thereby improving features like contrast and sharpness of the images.
Advantages of AMOLED Screens
There are many advantages of this display, but the most prominent compared to other technologies are:
High Perceived luminance;
Contrast ratio;
High viewing angle;
Quick response;
True colors and vivid.
Marketing Terms of AMOLED
Several manufacturers of cell phones as Samsung, HTC and Motorola use AMOLED technology, with some changes. Currently, Samsung is using this technology in virtually all of its equipment, with some variations. And they all use terms of marketing to sell more. A basic explanation of some terms of marketing can help, such as:
Super AMOLED: includes integrated digitizer;
Super AMOLED Plus: includes pixel PenTile RGBG array;
HD Super AMOLED: provides HD resolution;
Super AMOLED Advanced: higher resolution with brighter display.
Use of AMOLED Screens
Currently, the AMOLED technology is mainly used in cell phones and tablets, but now, the market for televisions is also leaning toward this technology of AMOLED displays. Televisions made using the AMOLED technology are not cheap, but its high resolution, possibility of thinner models and all other respects satisfy the customers. Once again, Samsung’s actively using this technology in their top-of-the-line TV sets. Same camera displays are now developed using AMOLED screens.
It Pays to Buy Products with AMOLED Screen?
In comparison with the other technologies on the market, despite the AMOLED is still a bit more expensive, absolutely worth it. Is a technology that will not leave the market so soon and its quality can still be used for a long time.