What Is a Trihibrido DVR?

A Trihibrido DVR is defined as that team that offers 3 technologies support different (typically analog, HDCVI and IP).
But how is this possible?
Analog technology and HDCVI work with the same elements of a typical installation of security cameras (coaxial cable connectors) and connected to the Trihibrido DVR equipment automatically detects the type of camera and adjust the quality to adapt to each technology.
For technology IP, the camera and the Trihibrido DVR connect to the modem and turn it must be set up for viewing. IP cameras that can connect the team come limited by Trihibrido DVR model (for example, in the Dahua brand, the 4-channel allows only 1 camera while that of 8-channel accepts only 2).
When to install a hybrid DVR?
We recommend installing a hybrid DVR if you have security camera with different types of technology, for example, who have 2 type cameras but want to install one camera more, provider will offer you a HDCVI camera (since you will get a higher video quality and the price is equal to one analog) and will operate 3 cameras using only a recording equipment.
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