Weekend in the Clouds

No colour more consensual than the blue, as it is the favorite of many people. By the way, did you know that 44% of women claim that the blue is your color of choice?
Sky blue, cobalt blue, Navy Blue or turquoise blue, there are so many shades of blue, it’s easy to find a shade for all seasons and occasions. Today I dedicate this article to the blue sky, you’re a pastel shade blends well with any color and just fashion. Moreover, it is a harmonious and relaxing, that will make them feel in the clouds
See how to use the azure in looks relaxed and trendy for the weekend. With sneakers or stilettos, jeans or a pleated skirt, a pair of white cotton or black skin, this tone is very versatile. And this is one of the colors will also find in the spring-summer collections, especially in shirts and dresses with thin stripes and ruffles or floral and patterned lace, which will give more texture to your look. By the way, have you noticed in the tops with the shoulders showing super sexy?
But don’t forget that the volumes and the embroidery will draw attention to the area of the body in that they’re using. So, I never tire of saying, use them to your favor, avoiding the frills, pleats, pockets and details on the body parts they wish to disguise. However, these notes are perfect for those who want to add curves or volume to your silhouette, as is the case for those who do not have a marked waist, has a small chest or shoulders narrower than the hips.
6-Inspired Looks For The Weekend.