Want to Have a Younger Image?

There is nothing better than to accept the passage of time and feel confident in your skin. Nowadays, there are easy to follow and simple tricks to circumvent the effect of old, such as wrinkles, lack of lighting, dark circles and puffiness, sagging, cellulite and white hair. In fact, all women go through phases of transformation of your body, skin and hair. Such is not associated to the age, but also to motherhood, the sedentary lifestyle, lack of time and sleep, balanced nutrition, to excessive Sun and lack of skin care and body.
Accept that perfection does not exist. Even celebrities use image tricks to rejuvenate. So, get to know some of its secrets. After all, they say 40 years is the new 30 and so on.
Above all, know that there are no rules about what should or should not use from 40 years ago, because it depends on your body type and skin, lifestyle and profession, as well as the climate, culture and the environment that surrounds it. The important thing is to feel comfortable and confident with your image.
Use lighter colors and alive next to the face
May not know it, but certain colors have the power to rejuvenate or aging, accentuating marks on face, dark circles and wrinkles. Avoid the black and some pastel colors (which makes it even more pale), next to the face, and make sure what are the colors that flatter you more (warm or cold). Sure, I wore a colorful blouse and everyone praised the your “good appearance”. Prefer lighter shades and cheerful in the upper part of the body, that soften the lines and confer greater luminosity to the face, whether in clothing or accessories such as a handkerchief, scarf or necklace.
Mix basic trends
Who said that fashion trends are for younger people? Bet in a basic wardrobe with versatile fashion, which can use on several occasions, and then invest in pieces that can give that special touch to your style, modernizing it. Can be a model of sunglasses, shoes or a handbag more trendy or the way it combines the pieces, mixing patterns or colors. The sleeves are also ideal to disguise the flab under the arms. For example, you can use a shirt and pencil skirt with some sandals and a necklace statement; or a more classic set with a coat of skin or coat color. Above all, forget those square clothes, dark and boring your grandmother time, as well as hide the body, your just going to give him an air of old-fashioned and aged.
Invest in Accessories
This is advice that I give, because the accessories are a quick and easy way to transform your look. Whether it’s a showy necklace, a bracelet, a scarf, a hat, a handbag or a belt, these pieces customize your look and divert attention to this area of the body. Try placing a belt with animal pattern or details, if you want to highlight the waist; use layer necklaces, in order to enhance your lap; or choose a pair of glasses out of sight or sun, that could be the signature of your brand. If you have wrinkles on the neck, use and abuse of tissues. Cherish!
Use modelling lingerie
This is one of the secrets of most celebrities: use lingerie models the body so as to disguise their weaknesses and enhance your curves. Oprah Winfrey, Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow are among the fans of the Spanxbrand, which is very popular in the USA. Many women after they are mothers get a tummy, as well as the chest and flabby body. Furthermore, cellulite and the sagging arise when you have a sedentary lifestyle, regardless of age. The truth is that over the years, the body keeps track of hormonal changes and even if it’s a regular gym, it is natural that frequents this lose firmness over time. Weight gain leads also to stay with some concentrated in the area of the belly flab, back, thighs and buttocks. So the lingerie modeling may be the best solution to lose a few extra centimetres in just a few minutes. And don’t forget to use a proper bra size and model, because it will make all the difference, not only at the aesthetic level but also comfort and self-esteem. In fact, there are several solutions on the market for each type of chest.
Take care of your skin early on
This is one of the biggest concerns of women, because the face is always in plain sight and with age come up fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles, cover stains, as well as the loss of firmness and luminosity. The trick is to start taking care of your skin at a young age, protecting it from the sun on the beach with FPS + 50 and cleaning it and moisturizing it daily. That’s right: every day, without exception. Don’t forget that prevention is better than cure. This is because the face throughout the day accumulated impurities, oil and pollution, so it needs to be cleaned, before bed. In addition, to remove dead cells will stimulate cell renewal, preparing your skin for the second step: hydration, both in the face like eyes.
Start with a moisturizing day cream with SPF (sun protection factor), suited to your skin type, and after 30 years to evaluate whether to start applying a cream to the first wrinkles. From 35 or 40 years, ‘ don’t dispense care anti-wrinkle, because the skin also tends to be drier and with spots. The eye cream is essential to this most sensitive area of the face, so there are several solutions on the market: for wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. And the golden rule is: never lie down without removing the makeup face more tired you are. I love using water micelle because cleans the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. If you have time and patience, use the face tonics, to cleaning and moisturizing masks, as well as an exfoliant (at least once a week), and the séruns for specific care (stains, wrinkles or dehydration). Another tip is to drink plenty of water daily in order to keep your skin moisturized.
Bet on a natural makeup
As it is, there’s no turning back. The age is reflected in the skin. The face begins to present dark circles, blemishes and lose luminosity. So a natural makeup may be the solution for disguising imperfections and enhance its strengths, in just five minutes, as if he had a surgery or aesthetic treatment to the face. To standardize the skin tone, disguise dark circles and blemishes, as well as raise the look, your face will rejuvenate.
Apply fluid solutions or cream as a base or BB cream, but make sure you don’t get excess accumulated in wrinkles product, so the more is your liquid formula, the easier it becomes to spread on her face. Refer also to a anti-cernes or broker fluid to hide dark circles and marks and then apply a little powder (loose or compact) to secure your makeup throughout the day to keep a healthier air, highlight your cheekbones with a blush of natural tone (pink or peach). In the eye, apply a champagne shadow on the eyelid and along the eyebrow, and a mask of eyelashes to open the look. And if you use eyebrow pencil, apply it always at the top of the eye, in order to raise the look, and prefer a more natural, as the Brown. The design of the eyebrows is also very important to give expression to the face, so if you have flaws or eyebrows too thin, apply a mask of eyebrows or a shadow with a brush for a lifting effect!
It should be noted, moreover, the most common makeup mistakes and that can get old face: use a darker Foundation than your skin tone; apply lipstick or blush a dark tone; use only pencil at the bottom of the eyes; and resort to bright shades if you have your eyelids are sagging. See this article with the make-up artist Kimberly Soane, Bobbi Brown brand, which explains why you should not commit these mistakes and shows the correct way to apply makeup.
Opt for lighter shades and fringes the hair
White hair arise even in younger people. Therefore, many women tend to start coloring my hair and doing contrasts or sections, in order to disguise this situation. The truth is that the gray hairs are associated with aging and a good trick is to resort to permanent inks and use lighter shades, so as to give a more young and light to the face. By the way, do not use very dark hair tones, if you have a tendency to have dark circles, because it will accentuate this problem. A good trick is to make nuances or contrasts in a lighter tone next to the face, than the base of the hair at the root. Another tip is to use a fringe to hide the wrinkles on the forehead. A good example, are these two haircuts Jennifer Garder and Sandra Bullock, who has surpassed the 40 years. Ask your regular hairdresser next to what will be the best cut and color for your skin tone and face shape.