Volta CiclÍStica Internacional Do RS Will Have 12 National Teams

Teams from four states will be competing for points for the world ranking
The second edition of the International Cycling Tour of Rio Grande do Sul will be gathering 20 teams from nine countries. The cyclists will face five stages between April 8 and 12, traveling 855km between several cities in Rio Grande do Sul. The start will be held in Sapiranga and the closure in São Francisco de Paula.
Among the registered teams, twelve will be representing Brazilian cycling. The teams come from four states: Rio Grande do Sul, São Paulo, Santa Catarina and Paraná. The competition completes the list of entries with eight foreign teams. To participate, teams must consist of six athletes and three leaders.
In the first edition, held in 2014, the podium between the teams was dominated by Brazil.The victory was with the Brazilian Funvic / São José dos Campos, followed by the extinct Ironage / Colner, and the San Francisco Health / Ribeirão Preto. In the individual the title was with the Chilean Jose Rodriguez.
The list of Brazilian teams for 2015 was defined as follows: Funvic / São José dos Campos, Dataro Cycling Club, ADF Guarulhos, Avaí / Florianopolis, ECT / Taubaté, São Francisco Health / Ribeirão Preto, Green / Piracicaba, Memorial / Santos / Fupes, Selection Gaúcha, Foccus Collection, Apuana Team and Osasco / Penks.
Thinking of leaving the competition even more competitive, the course of the second edition underwent minor changes. The closure that took place in Nova Petrópolis in 2014, this year will be in Farroupilha. Also left the cities of Porto Alegre and Bento Gonçalves, entering Sapiranga and São Francisco de Paula.
The 2nd International Cycling Tour of Rio Grande do Sul is an accomplishment of the Brazilian Cycling Confederation (CBC) and Federation Gaúcha de Ciclismo (FGC), with supervision of the International Cycling Union (UCI) and sponsorship of Caixa Econômica Federal.