Vintage Lingerie

By going to buy clothes, my grandmother always recommended “we must start with the underwear.” And although it took me many years to understand this wise advice, today I consider it one of the best I have given me in a matter of fashion.
And it does not matter if you bring a beautiful dress or pants spectacular, a bad choice in your underwear the can completely ruin.
Fortunately in the 20th century and so far 21, the underwear has evolved in an impressive manner, not only in the flirtatious and daring, but on practicality and function.

The 30s and 50s

The design of lingerie from the 30 to 50 was quite conservative, according to lawschoolsinusa, but not without a touch of eroticism. The garments served a practical function was to hold and control precisely the breasts, to avoid any kind of accident that could insulting the modesty of those years.
Panties or briefs were a garment that covered her from the waist to the part where the leg began.
Although the 20 women freed themselves from the corset, from the 30s girdles again become a basic garment in the female wardrobe and served the function of making smaller waist and flatten the stomach, which was achieved based rods and compressed fabric, elastic fabrics since as we know them today did not exist.

The pantyhose were held with suspenders, and it was not until 1939 when marketing begins nylon material that became much more accessible, since formerly thin stockings were woven with silk.
However, World War II caused many industries were affected, one of the pantyhose, since the production of nylon was destined to make parachutes making stockings were scarce.
Restituted to the production of stockings, socks four million were sold in a few days.
In the 50 Wolford developed seamless stockings. Although today some models are manufactured welded, for aesthetic reasons.
The aesthetics of breasts, very likely for materials and seams that were used in the manufacture of brassieres was not a perfectly round appearance as today, but rather had a pointy appearance, precisely shape brassiere.
It was the end of the 50s, in 1959 when iamaccepted invented lycra, which revolutionized the fashion world.

The 60s and 70s

The 60s came with the beginning of a sexual unveiling of women in the West. After being approved birth control pills in the 50s, women began to discover their sexual freedom precisely in this decade.
Modesty show that a woman had left behind for many young people dared for the first time to use the miniskirt.
The bikini was invented since 1946, finally it began to be used in the 50s for the most daring, but in the 60 had significantly reduced its size and was adopted by many women in different parts of the world.
What impact did this garment underwear of the time or was it the other way around? The truth is that fashion always has been both highly interconnected to date.
In the 70s, with the rise of the hippies, the women said goodbye to the support, some women begin to dare to use the monokini in some European beaches.
Pajamas emerge known as baby-dolls and steamy and seductive gowns with women covered themselves begin to be used to cover more than to arouse desire.

The 80 and 90

The 80 came not only with the use of seductive lingerie, but with a variety of leotards and tights lycra made in vibrant colors. Keeping fit the female figure doing aerobic exercise was part of a lifestyle that prevailed in this decade with Jane Fonda videocassettes sold like hotcakes.
Lingerie in80 again ranked as a fashion garment that was shown by sex icons like Madonna, who never had qualms about showing their bras, which were evolving and imposing trends.
In 1983 lingerie firm Victoria’s Secret comes to shopping malls after being purchased by the company The Limited. It was precisely this firm a major cause in changing the whole lingerie covirtiéndose marketing to date in the first chain stores in shopping centers specialized in selling lingerie at an average public.
The thong that appears in 1978 in Brazil to early 90s was already a garment quite accepted in the intimate feminine wardrobe.
Also appears the first push-up which was sold heavily in the world in the 90s: the Wonderbra. Adopted by many women to highlight her charms, also it caused controversy in some countries by aggressive advertising showing the lush model Eva Herzigova.
The sports bra is a garment that became popular in the 90s and thanks to its technological advances allow women playing sports with greater ease of movement.

The new millennium

From 2000, I think there are several things to note in fashion lingerie, one of which is the massification of Victoria’s Secret, which since 1997 established a campaign in which he introduced several models as their “angels” , thus realizing an expected parade every year in presenting his collection of lingerie and is an important tool in marketing their products.
In the early years of the 2000s, after being released from the belts, a new product called Spanx, which without being precisely a belt has virtues to control and shape the female figure emerges. Sales and acceptance of this product has led the line expands to much more for women and men, and others try to imitate him.