Tips for Choosing a Hat

Hats as your face

Hats can highlight and correct features of your face. Choose a model that compensates forms.

  • Wide – brimmed hat and cup curve rounded lines. To create asymmetry you can wear your hat tilted slightly to one side.
  • Hat small wing (narrow face) and high crown (lengthens the face) with angled cut (square, bell …).For example , a short – brimmed Borsalino hat or cowgirl. Avoid low cup hats flatten your face even more.
  • Wide – brimmed hat (widens the face) and low crown (shortens the face) flattened with flowers or ornaments. For example you will be well the pamelas long as you are high or berets askew bulged. Avoid hats high, square head and stuck to the glass.
  • Heart (front wide, pointed chin). Hat with long wing fall to the level of the jaw. Become a bell – shaped hat that you input some volume to the chin.
Hats according to your hair

Hats are able to bring out the color of your hair and your haircut.

  • Long hair. The beret look great in straight manes or collected low ponytail or bun. The type gangster hats are very good on loose manes.
  • The caps rekindle very short hairstyles and highlight the low chignons, says Beautyphoon.
  • Dark hair. For brunettes hats in warm and bright colors.
  • Hair clear. For blondes the white hats are very flattering.
Hats according to your skin
  • Olive skin. Choose a color that contrasts with your skin as bright colors (avoid browns, greens). Example: fuchsia.
  • Brown skin. To brighten your skin tanned choose bright colors and / or satin fabrics. Example: coral.
  • White skin. Do not choose very light colors that will give a languid look and accentuate the natural white of your dermis. Example: navy blue.
Hats according to your height

Hats should be proportional to your height to your image size descompensar not.

  • Knee – Hat (not too flat) half a glass and small wing. Flee large brimmed hats like pamelas only they make you look more petite.
  • Wide – brimmed hat and Fall regular glass. Flee little better hats size proportional to your height.