Tips for Brides with Short Hair!

For a long time it was thought that the bride had to have long hair–absolutely. Surely you ever had a friend that went through the period of the engagement leaving the highlights grow, right? The rationale was because the long wires offered more options of hairdos.
Today the reality is no longer so. It is easy to observe the growth of genuine marriages where the couple overflows your personality to the smallest details, including the issue of hair. It is also easy to find engaged and bigger hair, beard while brides do not suffer from the fear of DNA dump the hair, if you like the your visual.
And the great allies to this decision are the beauty artists. They analyze the profile of customers and are experts at giving options that value the personality of each. So I invite the top Léo Batista, to give tips on how to be a beautiful bride and full of attitude also with short wires.
“Today the modern woman varies widely in style, with regard to the hair and we have to keep up with these changes. The variations for short hairs are many and when the time comes the wedding have to be creative when choosing your hairstyle. My suggestion is to dare, but without losing the romantic mood and surrounded by tradition “, explains.
If you inhale with three beautiful ideas:
Who thought short hair does not allow to use coke is wrong! This option is beautiful, because it keeps the delicacy and leaves hair feeling super tidy throughout the event. Not to mention that this kind of stuck allows several options.
This kind of effect is amazing and even more highlighted with polished hairstyles, when the wires are glued to his head. The party can be, in half or even in waves, secured with wax or gel. In this case its worth even dare!
Hair Down
When you have short hair, wear it loose is not a bad idea, because it will not lose the style that is already part of the routine of this woman. For the case of brides, more basic that will make a more simple and intimate ceremony, this is a super suggestion. In this case you should use a piece like the headband. Looks great and doesn’t lose the charm.
Everyone already knows: the braids are a pure expression of the novel. The novelty is that in short they also work in different ways, since in this category we have the twisted, overlaps and root braid, that are also beautiful in shorts–not to mention that this is a trend for the season.