Things to Consider Before Buying a Watch

As new, within the clock world, you may seem confused to buy the  first “real” mechanical wristwatch. There are many new concepts, an overwhelming amount of producers and many different clock types. That is why a guide is written about the first watch in order to help you as a first-time buyer to make the best choice, and the guide will review some of the considerations you should make before investing hard-earned savings dollars.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Watch

What does it cost?

You should determine its budget of the first one. Mechanical watches start around 3 to 5000.0-for the cheapest and ends at tens of millions of the most expensive.  If you want to have a watch from one of the more well-known brands, one should devote about 10 to 20000.0-as a minimum. If you want to have a Rolex, it starts around 40000.0. Watches come in all price ranges and even within individual marks range, there are large price differences. For instance, Omega Seamaster Diver series starts at around 20000 and going all the way up to 250,000.0-for the most expensive Planet Ocean watches. One should place a watch brand in one price range. As a rule of thumb hangs price and quality together up to around 30 to 40000.0, then you get no more or better features, but craftsmanship and materials cost about watches.

Used or new?

When you first time hear the high prices, it’s easy to be scared and ask yourself whether you must be a multi-millionaire to gather on internetages watches. This myth, however, you can immediately put to rest. The above price examples are new price, which have a lot to say. Usually second-hand watches traded for between 10 – 70% of new price, depending on the age, make and condition, of course. So there are big savings to do it, if it is all used, which the vast majority of watch enthusiasts do. Therefore, it is also one of the first things you should decide before you buy a new watch.
There are advantages and disadvantages of both, which you should consider. If you buy a new watch from a reseller, you get the joy of owning a watch from the beginning and avoid the typical usage tracks that come with a second-hand watch. The clock is in working order and the chances of being cheated are almost non-existent. The other side of the coin is that you have to take a big loss if you should decide to sell it one day. It’s generally very few brands that hold their value just roughly.
That is why many choose to look around on the second-hand market, where you can get more for your money, which is the main argument for taking action used. In addition, the information is better, because you can access to almost all models from all year groups opposite the shops, there are usually only held by the latest collections. However, you should look for before one puts savings balances with the first and best advertiser. As a beginner, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between a good copy and the real thing. It can also be difficult to assess levels and thus the reasonable price.
Therefore, as a first-time buyer you can deal with one of the dealers who have specialized in the trading of second-hand watches. It is maybe a little bit more expensive than private trade, but you are far more assured as the buyer. You get two-year guarantee, among other things, which you do not have by private trade. The watch community is relatively small, so word gets around quickly if a dealer is substandard.

Known or new brands?

As a first-time buyer, it may be tempting to buy a cheap, new mechanical watch on the web from a new manufacturer. These can be really good watches that could serve you for many years to come. A watch with a proven ETA plant can serve you fully on par with more expensive in-house works from the renowned manufacturers, but you can also be unfortunate enough to buy a pig in a poke. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself thoroughly into what you buy so you do not end up with a lot of disappointments. There are many manufacturers that make good and solid mechanical watches in the price class 5 to 10000.0, but there are also producers, selling some junk and market it as Swiss works fine. You should read the reviews and generally inquire around the web, and the feedback is positive, you can shop with peace of mind. You should definitely also follow here on the blog, where there will be many recommendations for good watches in the budget class.
You can also choose to go after one of the more reputable brands that you know what you are getting. These will typically also be a better investment if you someday decide to sell. Furthermore, they have a higher “recognition factor”, which can also have an impact on some.

What type of watch should you choose?

What type of clock you should select depends, of course, entirely on taste and maybe a little bit of needs. There are many kinds of watches, so there is certainly something that will fall into your taste. You must think about the fact that your watch needs to fit the style you run on weekdays, if you intend to use it every day, which most will with their first watch.
Sports and divers watch is best suited for it a little more casual everyday dress. In addition, these types of watches designed for the purpose of being used every day, so they are more robust than dressage, there just must look good together with the suit. A Rolex SeaDweller which is shown at the beginning of the post will probably keep for as long as you if you just get it serviced once in a while. They are designed to cope with a ride on the bottom of the ocean, so they survive also the dishes. On the other hand, it is by no means all, are waterproof so dressier with these you have to think a little more about what they can tolerate. So consider what your upcoming watch will be exposed to and select a watch that matches your needs.
You should also consider the style you want. The clock must be on leather strap or chain? It should be in gold, steel or something else? There must be many functions on the dial, or you want a cleaner simpler look?
Overall it can be said that the simpler a watch you choose, the more connections you can use it in typical conditions. It is very simple, some only with two trainers, others a little more complicated with second hand and date. They come mostly on the leather strap and have very classic look, therefore, compliment a little more formal or stylish look.
Sports and divers watch is more usual and goes just as well to the t-shirt as the shirt. There are divided opinions about whether or not to apply a diver’s watch with a suit. It depends on your taste and style, but a good advice is to choose a diver’s watch with a sleek and simple design, if you want to use it in more formal situations. For example, a Rolex Submariner can go with suit since it is an understated watch that easily slips under the radar, but the larger more “clumsy” divers watch is not recommended in such a situation. So think about how a given watch will suit your style before you decide. Most people choose to have several different types, so they have a watch for various occasions.

Good hunting

This was a review of the most basic considerations you should make before investing in a new watch. That can be said a lot about what to buy you first watch, but with this guide in hand, you should be able to avoid the major pitfalls. If you have any questions or experience you want to share, please feel free to add a comment in the comment below.