The Winter of Pantyhose!

Warm, Cheap And Stylish, A Different Pantyhose Can Warm Up Any Winter Look!
They take any look of monotony! If you still cling to the basic little black tweed, try starting with shades of purple, dark blue and gray, which are easy to match. But if you want lots of color, bet on vibrant shades of blue, red, yellow and pink!
Looks from: Ting , Ezgi and Whitney
Trick: To stretch the silhouette, wear pantyhose and shoes in the same shade.They give the impression that the legs are longer!
Famous: Paris wears pink socks contrasting with the neutral tones of clothing and shoe. Jenny, Taylor Momsen’s character in Gossip Girl, makes the look more cheerful with half orange and Agyness Deyn warms up the look with red sock!
Looks from: Ninjaintherun , Annie and Magnolia
Yellow pantyhose looks beautiful combined with basic looks in black and white, as these girls show from the Lookbook.
Flowers, polka dots, zebra, leopard, chess … What is important is to play with the visual, without fear of risking a mixture of colors and patterns!
Looks from: Rachel , Zoë e Sorcha
Tip: If you have thick legs, be careful. Run from large prints and horizontal stripes.These patterns can further thicken your legs and unbalance your look.
Famous: Katy Perry rattled with rose-studded pantyhose! Mary-Kate stretched out her legs with the stocking of vertical stripes. Already Paris left the unglued look with half checkered in black and white and black dress and turquoise blue.Lindsay already chose black pieces to accompany the red plaid stocking.
Ultra-feminine, half-laced can do a contrasting look with masculine and heavier parts or leave the most romantic production with neutral colors and doll slipper!
Famous: Paris Hilton left her sexy rocker look in her lacy stocking. Blair, Leighton Meester’s character in Gossip Girl, bet on a romantic look. And Taylor Swift gave a delicate touch to her look, combining the lacy stocking with the high boots.