The UCI Has Suspended Belgian for Six Years

The UCI confirmed the first case of mechanical doping.
The 19-year-old athlete was found guilty of “mechanical doping” and suspended “for a period of six years, from October 11, 2015 to October 10, 2021,” the UCI said.
The Belgian girl was also fined 20,000 Swiss francs (18,180 euros) and had her U23 world champion titles and Belgian champion knocked out.
“The bike was scanned by a new MRI test that was used by the UCI this year and the motor was detected when the bike was at the place where the competitor was storing the material, a Vivax motor, hidden , Along with the battery, in the saddle tube, and operated with remote control hidden under the handlebars, “the text details.
“We have invested considerable resources in the development of this new technology and we have strengthened the sanctions applicable against any person found guilty of this kind of cheating,” said UCI President Brian Cookson, quoted in the statement.
After being caught, Van den Driessche put the blame on a mechanic. “This was not my bike, it belonged to a friend, and it was identical to mine,” the Belgian said in tears in an interview with the Sporza channel.
“This friend went to recognize the course on Saturday and put his bike back in the truck. A mechanic, who thought it was mine, prepared it for the race,” explained the young cyclist, swearing that he “totally ignored” the existence of An engine.