The Style Is Ageless!

What is dress according to age? By the way have you heard say that 50 years is the new 40 and so on. Portugal is in the 29 countries in the world with a life expectancy of over 80 years, according to a report of the World Health Organization (who) to 2015. In other words, we live longer and work until later. Therefore, most women have a more active life than previous generations.
And it’s no wonder that after the Reformation, many women enjoy to do what you’ve always longed, but never had time: spend more time you take to travel, practice an activity, acquire new knowledge and give daily tours.
The question is not so much what to wear, according to each age, but rather take into account the physical changes inherent in the passage of time. It is natural that after motherhood and that over the years the body take on a new form and register some signs of aging: wrinkles, spots, sagging, cellulite and weight changes.
So, there are some tricks of style for those who are above 50 years, that will help you feel more comfortable with your body and to show that the style has no age:

  • When the neck is Wrinkly can always resort to scarves, scarves and turtlenecks;
  • Use a top beneath a décolleté helps to disguise the stains and the sagging of the breast;
  • If the arms are more flaccid, the sleeves or the 3/4 are good options;
  • The lighter tones or live help to rejuvenate the appearance;
  • A flashier or colorful scarf jewelry diverts attention from the face;
  • If you no longer have a waist so defined should opt for straight cuts or evasé;
  • A good bra and lingerie modeling are good allies for your silhouette;
  • The shallow, tennis shoes or with plywood jumps can be more practical to walk and balance;
  • The hair provides a more light and softens the face, showing both the roots.

But there’s no reason to stop using those pieces you love and feel comfortable, only takes into account the your body type and proportions. And it never hurts to remember that the accessories are perfect to give that final touch to your coordinated, modernizing it.
Inés de la Fressange, Iris Apfel, Linda Rodin, Helen Mirren, Caroline of Monaco, Diane Von Furstenberg, Anna Wintour and Nina Garcia are a reference to style, even after 50 years. So get inspired on these suggestions and undress from bias.
Bet on turtle necks
If you want to disguise the wrinkles on the neck, a shirt with loop or with turtlenecks, wider or fair to the neck, can be a good option. Avoid them only if you have a small neck or large breasts, because they’re not going to favor it.
Use and Abuse of tissues
The scarves and scarves are perfect to give that final touch to your look, but also to hide wrinkles and stains on the neck and décolleté. Invest in vivid colors and patterns, especially if you have a closet with neutral tones and smooth because it will work as a note and reveal your personal taste. In addition to elegant, these accessories complement your co-ordinated.
Invest in Silver
The designer Iris Apflel (cover photo) is a good example of one who values the bijouterie and whose original combinations earned him the title of style icon, being still today invited by magazines and brands from around the world to develop collections with your signature. Invest in pieces of jewelry that can modernize your visual, showing your hand more elegant or bold. In addition, divert attention away from the face.
Create a signature with glasses
Well, there’s no turning back. With the passage of time also decreases the ability of vision and it’s natural to have to wear glasses or prescription sunglasses. Choose a model that suits your face, but it can also be a statement of style. In fact, the glasses can be your trademark signature, so don’t be afraid to bet on colored frames or in vintage formats or less traditional.
Invest in light shades
Most women like to wear dark colors in autumn-winter. But also be aware that the black, next to the face, it can give you a more tired and aged, as well as enhance the skin blemishes. Invest in lighter tones and soft if you want to rejuvenate your look. The tone on tone (colors in the same family) can be perfect to make your more interesting, if you don’t like the contrasts.
Prefer straight cuts
If you no longer have the waist so marked and want to disguise the belly zone, then bet in straight jackets or in evasé. Not only are more comfortable, like when used wide open create a vertical line, which stretches to your silhouette. The Cardigans have the advantage to adapt to the movements of the body, being more practical, but a trench coat or tweed coat (template created by Coco Chanel) are also a good option for a more elegant look.
Bet on Patterns and patterned
The printed and patterns give more texture to your look, complementing the smooth tones. The classic black and white combinations or printed in cheerful colors andnimal print are a good option to reveal a bit of your personality. Invest in your image and show that the style is ageless!