The Paths of the South Zone of Porto Alegre

Sunday was expected by the registered cyclists for fear of rain, but the night was colder than the others and the rain did not appear. This was a perfect day to ride! No rain, not much heat!
Once again, Everson Ribas, the Dudu, organized a tour and invited the Bikers of the Wanderer to register this day of entertainment. Some cyclists met in the center of Porto Alegre and pedaled to the Dudu Bike Shop in the neighborhood of Tristeza…which should be called joy, and which became the starting point for this adventure for the region of Lami, in the Extreme south of Porto Alegre.
The schedule of the tour was quite simple and efficient. The cyclists left the shop in the direction of Bugco’s Snoring, walking on asphalt and dirt roads. In Bike Park, the cyclists were hydrated, and took advantage of the house’s offer…Luciano do Snicker Ronco waited for the cyclists with slices of Cuca. For those who do not know what it is, it is a sweet bread, whose composition has many variants in recipe. Replenished, the group of about 40 cyclists set out for the roads of the rural roads of the region … a place still well preserved and given a moment we were listening to the meeting of two groups of howler monkeys. They say that the howler monkeys live in closed social groups, when they meet, are confronted with a known vocalization. The locals are accustomed. I’ve seen the primates, but a few times in the area…Usually we listen to them. This is a tour that every portoalegrense cyclist should know. Getting out of the concrete jungle is a special opportunity.
After completing the walk along the rural roads, everyone returned to the Rumco do Bugio’s home to enjoy the homemade lunch prepared with a wood-fired oven. Pork meat, rice, beans, sweet potatoes, salads, passion fruit juice or watermelon and, after all, dessert ambrosia. Perfect…
Some cyclists made the inner tracks of Bugco’s Snoring just after lunch, but most were “thrown” on the “jiboiando” lawn. Arriving the hour, return home…and everyone was on the road again, it was the end of a special day together with friends, spinning wheel and enjoying the path.