The Pants In the Middle of the Cinnamon Is Trend

Earlier, the idea of ​​folding the trouser bar was only to make the instep more free or a little of the ankle exposed. Now the folds are coming down to the middle of the cinnamon! And they do not even have to be very straight, see! The more coiled you are and the more combinations you can make, the cooler the look will look!
Folded Bar+Sneakers
While the dowels give a sophisticated air to the production, the sneakers leave the look with a younger and cool face. The mix, in addition to resulting in a modern and comfortable look, still guarantees the most casual and sporty style.
Folded Bar+Boot
An easy way to bet on the trend is to combine it with ankle boots or medium-barreled boots. Just bend the bar at the height of the barrel or let a little of the leg appear. Here, it is worth remembering that several horizontal “lines” may give the impression that your legs are shorter. If you want to avoid this, invest in the thinner folds, the pants that have the color on the wrong side like the outside and the shoes in the skin color or the tone of the piece.
Folded Bar+Heel Shoe
The folded trousers have the power to make the look more modern and sophisticated-and the jump reinforces this proposal even more. In addition, models that leave the instep free give the feeling of longer legs.
Folded Bar+Men’s Shoe
If you’re the type who loves to play with fashion references to create a more fashionista look, mixing the boyfriend style with the slacks is perfect! On cold days, it’s still worth daring a little more and leaving the sock popping up.
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