The Need for Bike Parks or Demos to Test Bicycles

On the outside the importance of testing for the consumer shows very differently. The American trader understands what sells bicycle and technology.
It was at the Interbike 2014 that I understood the difference and need for a true test on products and bikes. The Interbike begins two days earlier, outside the exhibition complex, a few kilometers from the site with the intention of promoting tests and trials of diverse products, mainly of complete bicycles. You see experienced riders riding bikes that will arrive in Brazil in a year or two … in Europe it will arrive in 6 months at the most!Interbike describes the world trends in a very particular way … that is where 70% of world trends emerge. It is said that the Taipei fair is great, that the Eurobike is giant, but it is known that many of the products German or even Chinese designs, almost never glue here or less in North America, especially the MTB field.
Now, going back to the subject of bike parks … have you ever seen a test scenario in Brazil that looks like this? And you can not imagine the structure behind it all … environmental patrol, free water supply, or even an ambulance ready. And it was everything in terms of bicycle… structure, options, gifts, etc. It’s another universe, I wish I could show it better. We must live to understand certain things. I’ll talk more about new opportunities … I’ll be here right now, move forward! Bike, I love you!