The Makeup Lady Sonia Gandhi

The makeup Lady Sonia Gandhi is a regular presence on the blog In Styleland, showing the different Visual step-by-step to make up in order to make known to your art. And it is with pleasure and enthusiasm that speaks of your new profession, having worked for 10 years in the area of communication for international beauty brands.
The look your conquest always a new brightness, when recalls the make-up course in Lisboa MakeUp School two years ago, where you had a chance to learn all the tricks with your master Miguel Molena. The “Puppy” of makeup was growing, until one day decided that it was in this area that wanted to bet your future. Filled with courage, quit the job that had created a blog and a Facebook page – which promotes its work and gives to know the news of make-up-and decided to embark on a new phase in your life.
Has worked for advertising campaigns, magazine editorial and photographic productions. In addition, promotes individual automaquilhagem or workshops for groups, where she teaches all the tricks of this technique and responds to the most frequently asked questions of the participants. But confesses that she is with brides who the your work gets more charm.
I know Sonia a few years ago, when we crossed paths in the world of communication and image, and remember your attention to detail, the perfecionismo, the dedication and professionalism of whom does not deviate a minute of the tasks at hand. Imagine-the Audrey Hepburn of modern times, with your look inspired by classic styles, vintage and romantic, his face and trademark pink with black polka dots. So, know more about the course, your preferences and style curiosities.
Tell us a little about your journey?
Started 10 years ago as a consultant. After the course, I worked in agencies as account. I think the first big turning point was about 5 years ago when I started working with beauty marks, the old taste for makeup, but communication was me filling out less and less.
One day, a conversation with a friend opened my eyes. In 2 months I was taking a professional make-up course in Lisbon MakeUp School. I immediately started doing internships and other small jobs.
Earlier this year, I took leave of the Agency where he worked and I dedicated myself exclusively to my new old love: the makeup.
How did the interest in makeup?
The interest has always existed. Ever since I was little I loved makeup dolls and stole my mother’s products. My parents ended up offering me a giant bust, to put on makeup, and this was my favorite toy. But the passion was forgotten, or rather dormant for a couple of years, even up to fully populating the professional and personal level. It’s like the ultimate “Choose a job you love and you never have to work a day in your life” (“Choose a job you love and you won’t have to work another day in your life”).
What are your favorite makeup products?
No woman can live without eyelashes mask! Is the product that makes all the difference, even without applying any more. Then comes the spell which, when well applied and in the right tone, do real magic.
I would add to the list the BB cream, a recent innovation, but allowing a natural appearance, and bronzing powder, essential for that “healthy air” that all we’re looking for and also to model the face, according to conventional standards of beauty.
In your makeup workshops, what are the questions we are most frequently asked of women?
The big question is almost always the same: smokey eyes. So much so, that I adapted a technique accessible to do what I call “smokey eye finjido” and that teaching in all the workshops that I give. And the truth is that, to this day, all the participants say that after all is not so difficult and that can reproduce at home easily, which makes me very happy.
But the greatest difficulty for women is to choose and hit the right pitch and apply bronzing powder. I spend most of the workshops to explain how to do it, because there are always many doubts.
What kind of services and workshops held and how can people schedule a session?
Do automaquilhagem workshops, where I explain all the steps, and then respond to the needs of students or any specific request.
I have makeup services for parties, weddings, night outs, including brides, which I confess to being one of my favorites. Additionally, and although not my core, sometimes offer the service of hairstyle, when are simple jobs.
I have the “stylist of the Princesses and pirates” in my portfolio, because it is a very rewarding job. This service allows children decorating themselves like grown-ups, so arrive at children’s parties, and includes face painting, hairstyles and painting her nails.
To schedule a session or learn more about the services, simply contact me by Facebook Sonia Gandhi MakeUp or email
What kind of makeup do you recommend for a tanned skin and for the summer?
For day to day I’m no apologist over makeup, especially during the summer when it’s hot and we have a more healthy. In this case, and as a general rule, less is more. So, I recommend a makeup in five steps: BB Cream or a light oil freebase, Concealer or illuminator according to need, bronzing powder, blush and mask of eyelashes. Look for waterproof products, or of long duration, and with solar protection factor. Otherwise, you can always mix a little sunscreen at the base or cover bb cream.
If the skin is very oily, add a compact to secure better makeup and remove a little brightness to the skin.
What the most common makeup mistakes, do you observe in women?
As above, the choice of the base tone, application of bronzing powder and also the eyebrows, which are arranged according to the design of the face. And, in fact, the eyebrow is what gives us the framing of the face and will make all the difference in the end.
Do you have any secret to makeup? Any product or technique you use to enhance the final effect?
I have a few and every day I’m discovering new! The makeup is really a daily learning. Each face is different and a new discovery.
Still, there are three basic tricks that women don’t always remember in time to put on makeup:

  • Darken the outer corners of the eyes with a darker color, to lift the look
  • Apply illuminator in the corners of the eyes, before makeup, because it will open and increase the look
  • Use thermal water around the face, at the end of the makeup and let your skin absorb not only helps fix, as will also give a more natural look. And if they do in the middle of the day have a makeup fresh and renewed!

My Top 5 

  • High Definition Liquid Foundation Make B, Apothecary
  • MakeUp Forever Rouge Artist Intense lipstick 46 (my favorite)
  • Bronzing powder H & M
  • Estee Lauder Sumptuous Eyelashes mask
  • Pencil Lancôme Le Khôl Crayon, black

Do you have a personality that is a reference to you, in the area of makeup?
I have several, but highlight the make-up artist Lisa Eldridge English responsible for make-up of many actresses such as Kate Wislet, and Creative Director of the brand 7, exclusive in stores selling Boots. Follow also the work of Brazilian Fernando Torquatro, which cornstarch, among many other things, is the official make-up artist of Apothecary.
And then I never forget my dear professor Miguel Molena, my guru, as I like to call, responsible for most of all today know about makeup.
That personality would you like makeup?
The former Minister Vitor Gaspar! (laughs). Your communications to the country accompanied my routing of the course of makeup and the first steps in the profession. And the truth is that whenever the Lord spoke I couldn’t hear, because it was completely focused to think how to fix dark circles and puffiness. So, almost became a challenge for me and I really liked the makeup a day.
What is for you style?
For me to have style is genuine. It’s very own, that part of each of us. All the same, “4 plate”, not style, is to follow a trend, a genus, which is not exactly the same thing.
How do you define your style?
As simple and comfortable as possible, without falling into exaggerations of using inappropriate things for the occasion or ungainly, of course! In fact, I even have a style half coquette, but over the years I have been to adapt it more comfortable to me, deep down I’m simplifying and mixing.
What are your references to national or international style?
My big reference is, without a doubt, Audrey Hepburn. A real Lady, mistress of a very own style, timeless and extraordinary elegance. Then, there are contemporary, I think you are always right: Jessica Chaistain, Florence Welsh and Zooey Deschanel. I confess that I also think some kind of deranged style joke of Kate Moss.
What are your favorite garments or accessories?
Shoes, wallets and rings are my passion. Although later will use almost always the same, I have a huge collection of shoes!
What are the parts that will never be part of your closet?
T-shirts. No use at all.
What more value when purchasing parts or accessories?
The amount of times that I’m going to use and the conjugations that I can do with the parts that I already have in the closet.
What was your greatest extravagance?
I do because I think all extravaganzas will eventually stop use or damage. I’m more a fan of the “too, but it doesn’t have to be so very good/expensive (provided you have good air!)”.
You remember, the biggest extravagances were boots, which I love and have to this day, though not to use them too, because they have a jump very high, and my day to day portfolios.
But my true extravagances are even with makeup. I get lost in stores and showcases and I keep buying new products, for personal use or for the work.