The Galaxy S3 Comes with SD Card?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is an excellent smartphone device with 16 GB of internal storage memory and ability to recognize memory cards with up to 64 GB capacity. But the SD card comes with the original device. The answer is no and this decision by the manufacturer makes perfect sense, see why!
The price of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is already high enough even though it’s the best device available on the market today (August 2012). Even though better than competitors and that justify the higher price, yet many potential customers stop buying the Galaxy S3 opt for other cell phones because of a small price difference. Include one more item in the default package that comes with the Galaxy S3 would make it even more expensive by decreasing sales. So Samsung certainly chose to make clear the device memory cards but not provide it along with the appliance.

This is actually even better for consumers who can buy the handset now and make the memory expansion only if it sees fit. In my case that was fully satisfied with the 8 GB of storage of the Motorola Milestone, the 16 GB (actually 12 GB available from of Galaxy S3 are more than enough. Just do not want to download all the movies and series in the appliance to any place that is. Just copy what is watching every moment and you will surely realize that the 16 GB can be more than enough for a long time.
In the free market a few announcements of Galaxy S3 include the memory card. In these cases, make sure that this is the original and if the Galaxy S3 memory card is only sold together with the appliance, you must come in sealed box. And if you really think of buying a phone on eBay, here are some safety tips and questions that you need to do on the open market before buying.