The Creators of the Décolleté

The brand new Décolleté promises to give that talk. It all began when Ana Ventura and Margarida Gonçalves met and worked together at an advertising agency.Ana had the dream of being a fashion designer, but eventually taking the course of technology and graphic arts and, for more than a decade, was Creative Director, developing various communication campaigns for well-known brands. But the “pet” of accessories led her to create pieces that sold to acquaintances and friends. Later, created a facebook page and launched the Chic & kitsch and Vice-Versa. And so it was, that your passion began to gain balance and the courage to invest in the creation of new accessories.
Daisy was a client of Ana, but couldn’t resist experimenting and creating necklaces and bracelets for you. After attending a workshop decided to risk and create your brand Be With Me later, was invited to participate in the design of the Museums of Portugal, developing original pieces for a total of 30 museums. From this order, was born the first collaboration between the two creators.
But it was with the Décolleté, Ana and Marguerite gave wings to your imagination and decided to launch a line of accessories, which represent the your creative identity. Décolleté originates in French-cleavage – and is an element that ata, frames and adorns as a corsage or a dress. In this case, the parts wear the chest with an imprint of exclusivity.
It is interesting to note that when they speak of your new project, Anna and Marguerite revive the dream of your children. Share the experiences that made from small and how that desire the accompanied, even during your professional career. But also referred to the difficulties of who decides to create a brand. However, I am proud to say that all the pieces are made by themselves and that the goal is to create limited edition collections and with your signature.
Know more about the course, the inspiration, the motivation and the style of the two designers, in this exclusive interview to Styleland. And prepare your cleavage for the new line.
Before the creation of the Décolleté, which was your course?
Daisy:I worked in the area of communication for many years. I was Director of audit in the area of communication Design, in advertising agencies, where I met Ana Ventura, who at the time was Creative Director. And the link with the Ana has remained until today. In fact, I started to be customer of your accessories. But the passion for fashion and accessories, as well as the desire to create custom parts made also started experimenting in this area. I remember buying necklaces and turn into bracelets. Later, I did a workshop and, in 2009, I launched my brand Be With Me.
Ana:In my case, I remember as a child sit on the sewing machine to make clothing, because I’ve always loved fashion. I even thinking about fashion Design, because I always had this tendency, but ended up majoring in technology and graphic arts. I have bought a belt and dismantled to make various necklaces. Above all, the area of attachments arose from the need to be more creative. So, I created the marks Chic & kitsch and Vice Versa to let my imagination.
How was born the brand Décolleté?
Ana:In March 2013, Marguerite invited me to participate in a project to the museums of Portugal, where we have developed lines of accessories, linked to the universe or museum works of art, for a total of 30 museums. This partnership was an exciting challenge. In fact, it was a natural path to the birth of the Décolleté in July 2013, when some new opportunities to leverage the synergies of the two brands. We connect us, taking into account my designer side and the experience of Margaret in the commercial area.
Daisy:The next step was to create its own identity and the future of the brand goes through creating thematic collections limited and exclusive. Every day, experience and tested new ways of working.
Ana:The Décolleté is a sophisticated, contemporary and innovative brand. All pieces are handmade by us and we still have to divide the time between purchases, the elaboration of your marketing pieces, and respond to requests. The Union brings together the best of both worlds, because we have very similar styles.
What is your source of inspiration for the collections?
Ana:The source of inspiration is basically everything that surrounds us. The images that we see on the internet, a video, an image, a material, a magazine or the collections of major brands. In terms of materials, like gold, the flowers, the combinations of black and white bracelets, but also of the reasons tropical, jungle, flora and fauna. I like to do things that use and with which I identify. For us, the paste is the most important in visual. The accessories have more and more impact.
Daisy:We don’t do sets of necklace, bracelet and ring, because we prefer pieces that work with each other, because each one has a voice of its own. The accessories should serve as a complement to our outfit and may or may not be in absolute harmony between them. In my case, for example, I don’t like using too many colors and patterns in a coordinated, but the accessories should make a good connection and chromatic textures, or even work as a point of contrast.
Ana:The pieces have to be in harmony and do pendant. Like, for example, mixing stripes with an animal pattern, but I also like color block.
How to define the Décolleté and what you are? What kind of materials focussing on?
Ana:In Décoletté we have developed exclusive and limited editions of each piece and these are handmade.
Daisy:There’s always news, because we like to create, which inhibits the repetition of parts.
Rows of Accesories have? Is provided for any new line of the brand?
Ana:Right now, we’ve developed collars, bracelets and clutches (Vice-Versa), but I thought we’d develop a children’s line, the Petit Décolleté.
A client may ask you a necklace or bag is made to measure and choose the colors and the materials?
Ana:Yes, but above all it is important to understand that we are not creating and milliners. That is, develop pieces as with the guidelines of the customers, but the piece has to be our not to distort the concept of the brand.
Daisy:We seek to have a customer briefing, but the piece should not detract from the spirit of the Décolleté, for we are the creative brand.
Where the pieces can be purchased?
Ana: Right now, we sell the pieces through our Facebook page and in space Temporary Embassy Brand, in Lisbon Shop, in the bazaar of Lapa and Wheezing Factory.
What are the publications, websites or blogs that usually accompany and are a reference for your work?
Ana: Follow carefully the social networks Pinterest and Instagram, because they always have a great diversity of images, which serve as inspiration. In addition to follow closely what the great creators of trends dictate for each season, we are also faithful to some blogs, of which we highlight the Fashion Gone Rogue, The Coveteur, The Man Repeller, among others.
Daisy:In addition, we follow the pages of major brands, such as Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Michael Kors, Dinh Van, among many others. Like shoes, wallets and accessories. I like to see the colors and inspire me in great creators, especially the more sophisticated.
What do you think of the style of Portuguese women? Consider that are still conservative in relation to Accessories or already are more receptive to more extravagant pieces?
Daisy:I think there has been a great evolution, because Portuguese women nowadays have access to all kinds of accessories and it’s easy to order parts that are not for sale in Portugal, over the internet. In addition, the magazines and blogs are also a good source of inspiration for many women.
What are the most common style errors, who usually observe in women?
Margaret:women are increasingly concerned about your image, but often do not have the notion of what is right. That is, do not take into account your body or put too many parts and accessories and the result is not always positive. But I think, generally, the Portuguese are increasingly beautiful and taste and concern by the image are on your list of priorities.
Ana:Do pendant, with everything to match, or be too exuberant. For example, if the base of clothing is simple, this can use a different and more flashy necklace.
What are the personalities who admire most and what are your style references?
Ana:I really like the style of Miroslava Duma, former Russian Publisher of Harper’s Bazaar, because it is creative and can combine harmoniously parts. The brand Marni also has very interesting accessories.
Daisy:Like the style of Olivia Palermo, as well as the Australian bloggers Tuula and of Italian Chiara Ferragni.
What is style?
Ana:A person who does not follow the trends as they are presented, but you can interpret the pieces and knows to combine, and gives them the your personal touch. That may be a very simple person. Above all, it is an attitude, a way of being in life.
Daisy:A person who likes your image, feels comfortable and play with what you have available. Someone who knows how to adapt trends to your image and your body. But also knows how to be contemporary. The style is closely linked with the personality and the image you want to convey, without following too and trends without losing the identity. The style must be a reflection of our personality and have a personal touch.
How to define your personal style?
Ana:Like many styles, it depends on the day. Usually, mix various styles, although the mine to be more urban, but like ethnic accessories and a touch of sophistication.
Daisy:My style is more urban and classic. Like classical pieces with materials of good quality and sophistication, but also like a more casual chic style. For day to day use, usually jeans and a shirt, which complement with accessories and a good portfolio. Like brands like Michael Kors, Hermés, and, of course, Chanel!