The Best Haircut for Each Face

As with the clothes and the makeup, the hairstyle can make all the difference in your image. This can help enhance their traits and even “lose weight” or rejuvenate the face. If you want to know what is the best haircut for your face type, the first step is to identify your format and evaluate how it can balance your bone structure.

Round Face

A round face, the length of the hair should fall below the chin. Prefer the layer or with gentle waves (without much volume), in order to create sections that cover the rounded lateral lines and narrow the face. The side bangs at the mouth also stretches the face. Avoid: very short hair or pulled back, as well as risk and volume at the top of the head.

Oval Face

The oval face is the most common and the most versatile. Almost all the cuts are right in this face shape as it has balanced proportions. Prefer rectangular, asymmetrical cuts and with some volume. If you have a high forehead, you can disguise it with a fringe. A side bangs with natural waves gives some volume to the hair.

Long Face

For a long face, the ideal are cuts with volume, waves or straight cuts by the Chin. Fringes are an excellent option to mitigate a forehead or face too long. In this type of face should avoid straight hair, straight cutting, long, with risk in half, without bangs or I’ve noticed.

Square Face

Women with square face should choose haircuts, which suavizem the angular face lines. Avoid the cuts too straight or geometric. The long hair, too smooth and strained, are also not recommended for this type of face. Prefer cuts that add volume on the top of the head, because they help to lengthen and the round lines of the face. Wavy hair are also a good bet. The ideal length is below the chin line or on the shoulders, but if you prefer a longer cut, opt for a, I’ve noticed from the cheekbones. Also use a fringe on the diagonal, with the short nose and the longest at the start of the mouth.

Triangular Face

The triangular face has a high forehead and wide, being the chin and jaw narrower. Haircuts that most favor this type of face are the fringed shreds, long or sides, because they help to disguise the forehead length. A good length is the medium or long. The Court should add volume to the top of the head and width at the bottom of the face. Plus hair also provide more volume and movement. Prefer haircuts with a smooth dimple in the Chin line, especially if this is more pointed. Preferably, use the hair down. Avoid the cuts too straight, together, with risk in half and pulled back. Should not also use a bob chin line, since it will highlight the heart shape of the face.