The Best Currency Converter for Android and iPhone!

There are a lot of times a lot of reasons why you may be stuck trying to guess an exchange rate. Maybe your company is expanding into a new international market (congratulations!), you are in a business vacation in a new country (very chic!), you are getting supplies from abroad or any other reason. The currency exchange is a necessity of international business, and it’s important to know, especially for those who do not stop in one place.
Here are the best mobile apps to help you get your Exchange.
XE Currency
XE is one of the obvious choices for the currency conversion. The company was able to package the tools your site in an application available for iOS devices, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7 for free. The simple interface allows users to convert through all major currencies or pull more than 30 1000 currency cards for historical rates. The application keeps track of world currencies and precious metals, even working offline, storing the latest Exchange rates.

For those looking for an experience with a powerful application, but more simplified, Currency is a good bet. The application can calculate over 100 world currencies and operates in 17 different languages. The program is available for iOS, Android and webOS, for free and is great if you need to discover a faster rate.
Currency Banknotes
More artistic type? Try this app for iOS, which, for $ 0.99 on, will calculate more than 150 currencies, as well as give you visual representations of what each one of them. Although this may seem a frivolity, knowing how money looks can prevent you to suffer a blow, especially with counterfeit coins. It is also a good resource for people who want to know what looks like $ 5 in Taiwan. The program also has images of rare and hard to find notes if you’re curious.
OANDA as well as XE, is a full-fledged financial company perfect for more advanced users. The application, available for free at iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, Playbook and on the web, will convert over 180 currencies and four metals. The application also shows the rates of purchase and sale of coins and even lets you use an interbank rate or choose the percentage to find out how much your bank or credit card company will actually collect. The application also stores your previous searches so that you can quickly access the most used currencies. You can also search for obsolete coins when you are curious.
And you, readers? What are your favorite currencies conversion applications?