The Best Cell Phones for Those Who Do Not Know about Technology

Choose a cell phone it’s hard enough for those who understand technology. Now imagine those who understand little about the subject and need a new phone. They will go through a much larger than his martyrdom in choosing a cell phone.
To help these people, we have chosen some of the models of cell phones and some selection criteria that can help these people. Note that we’re talking about mobile phones with the Android operating system, iOS (iPhone) and Windows Phone. BlackBerry and other systems, although good, can still be a bit “strange” to the current world. To start:

Make Sure You Really Want A Smartphone
It may be strange to think about it, but there are people who only use cell phones for messaging and voice still today. For these, a “dumbphone”, IE, a more basic cell, can be the option.
We have to consider is that a smartphone these days is a technological cluster: camera, personal computer, notebook, Notepad, entertainment and much more. If you need these items on a daily basis, a smartphone with all these capabilities can greatly reduce the amount of stuff you carry with you. But unless you plan to use a large part of these resources, simply not worth buying a smartphone because of this. However, it is worth remembering that the market has fallen considerably dumbphones and even the most basic smartphones models serve well to any demand.
So, it’s no longer about whether or not a smartphone. Chances are that on his next shift, you only have a smartphone for picking. And the sooner you adapt to them, the better.
The Best Cell Phones for Those Who Do Not Know about Technology
For those who do not understand technology, the choice of a good phone will depend on the use which the person will give the appliance. In other words, we must take into consideration the simplicity to some basic tasks involving cell phones to choose the best for each task.
For those who want a cell phone for e-mail and Web browsing, mobile phones with the Windows Phone operating system stand out with a simple interface and easy to use. Mainly Nokia Lumia line offer a lot of features that you can use. It’s like a mixture between iPhone and Android.
As these devices are new on the market, its simplicity and low amount of applications in the Windows Store is not a problem for those who do not really understand technology, putting them at the top of the list of choices for the most basic users.
Who wants a lot of applications, you should opt for the iOS, the operating system of the iPhone. Are thousands of apps to customize your experience on the use of a mobile device. If you don’t want to spend much on latest iPhone models, you can find older models and very good “usable” with low prices in the market.
The games, applications and features are most popular on the iPhone. In addition, it is one of the devices with the learning curve to use more simple, taking only a few minutes for you to learn to use it and set your preferences. Integration with iTunes and other Apple Hardware only make him more an element in a Rico software environment and with a lot of added value.
Now, if you want a highly customizable phone and many advanced features, you can’t run away from Android. Each of the Android devices has a different interface, which can hinder a little use. But the lines Nexus, released by multiple carriers in partnership with Google, and the Galaxy phones from Samsung are the line defining the experience with Android.
The cool Android devices is that even though it’s not a technology expert will be able to use it. And as for learning the ropes and ropes of Android, you can also use more advanced and custom resources, something that iOS and Windows Phone can still. In addition, it is the operating system with more options at different price ranges. But a perfect balance and more complete learning curve between the three operating systems described on
Final Considerations
Choose just one or another appliance quickly will make this article useless. Here, the goal is to make clear the main functions of each of the operating systems and the best application for them.
Actually, the final choice will depend on more factors. I’ve seen people choose cell phone because had vibrant colors. Others, because they wanted the trademark status. Of course, these are personal factors that you can’t put aside. But you can’t let a cute color blind you to what’s really important in a mobile device: applications, operating system and logical, the hardware. Cameras, screen, sound quality and other hardware increments are very important. Perhaps the most important. Think sometimes it pays to buy a more expensive phone so you don’t have to trade him so soon. Choice with enough patience and guarantee to you the best experience.
And who knows, you don’t change your mind and understand a little more about technology, isn’t it?