TehuacÁN Carriers Placed Security Cameras in Their Units

Route 22 in Tehuacan dealers, have begun to install security cameras and GPS, in order to reduce the crime rate in the “University corridor” in order to stop the crime and insecurity that are detrimental to the University
Mobile DVR
Rafael Hernández Oropeza, Coordinator of the regional unit BUAP Tehuacan, said it is possible other routes to implement these security measures in their units, all this achievement was the result of dialogue with the concessionaires of public transport.
He mentioned that the installation of the GPS asked to monitor that they do not exceed the limits of speed, since this is a constant student complaint since it puts at risk their integrity, so the control center could be placed to the inside of the local University.
Oropeza Hernandez reported that actions implemented in conjunction with other universities gave results, because so far the reports of assaults to the student community were reduced to zero.
In addition, he exhibited that they will now give follow-up to other plans, including the installation of luminaires and the exclusive route for students in the area.
26 units of public transport make up route 22.
More than 5 thousand University students will benefit from this project.
80 km/h run units along the Beltway.
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