Tax Exemption for Smartphones, Tablets and Notebooks Is Back

Injunction suspends MP 690, which ended with tax benefit for electronics with domestic manufacturing

Abinee, which represents the electronics industry in Brazil could injunction to suspend the effects of the interim measure 690/2015 , to repeal the exemption of PIS / Cofins for smartphones, tablets, laptops and other electronics with domestic manufacturing. With the return of the tax benefit, the products will become more accessible in retail.
According to Abinee, the Federal Court granted the injunction based on the ground that the revocation was made “illegitimately”, since the tax exemption had term set to end on December 31, 2018. “According to the Brazilian legal regramento, tax benefit granted to certain period can not be revoked, “the  statement  of the entity.
The requirements of the Good Law, smartphones priced up to R $ 1,500 retail, manufacturing site and shipped package of national applications were entitled to exemption from the rate of 11.75% of the PIS / Cofins. The exemption was also true for tablets up to R $ 2,500 desktops of up to R $ 2,000 notebooks up to R $ 4,000, R $ 150 routers and modems of up to R $ 200.
The change of government rules, to balance public accounts, affected more affordable devices. With the end of the tax benefit, smartphones launched by R $ 1,499, just to fit the boundary of the Good Law, increased price, if the Moto X Play, which came to have suggested price of US $ 1,699, and Zenfone 2 which rose to R $ 1,749, both in versions of 32 GB of storage.
The reduction in electronics prices that fit the rules of the Good Law is already authorized, at least while the injunction not fall. But this decision, of course, it is up to manufacturers and retailers.