Tan and Light in a Single Step

Goodbye pale face and a little tired. Who doesn’t want a face lit up with a tanned and prominent cheekbones? Probably already noticed the radiant skin of many celebrities and was wondering how I could achieve the same effect with makeup.
The secret lies in combining three products that will provide you with tom who both want: bronzing powder, illuminator and blush. But it’s important to choose the most suitable shade for your skin tone, because if the Tan is too dark will be look more aged and artificial.
In addition, the blush is important to give a healthier tone to the cheekbones, and pink or orange tones the most natural. If you have a darker skin or Tan, try a dark red blush or Burgundy.
The great advantage of learning how to make the contour of the face, is that you can take to make your face thinner or oval, disguise a high forehead or chin more prominent, as well as sharpen the nose or hide a double chin in the neck.
6 steps to make the contour of the face like jessica alba

  1. Apply the base or BB Cream on the skin hydrated beforehand, in order to standardize the skin tone and cover blemishes and imperfections. The base must be of your skin tone, so as to avoid taking a big difference from the face to the neck. If you have tanned skin may dispense with this product or mix it with your moisturizer to ensure a lighter, softer coverage
  2. If you have dark circles and blemishes, choose a dark circles corrector slightly lighter, and apply it in areas you want to disguise
  3. In order to remove the shine of the skin, giving it a kill aspect, but also extend the duration of makeup put on some loose translucent powder or compact with a specific brush
  4. Now you can start doing the outline of the face. With the help of a oblique cut and soft brush, apply the darker shade below the cheekbones, along the hairline, on the sides of the nose, under the chin and jaw bone. If you have double chin put some bronzing powder in this part of the neck
  5. To illuminate the face, apply the lighter tone in the bones of the eyebrows, in the inside corner of the eye, in the center of the nose and above the cheekbones
  6. Finish the contour of the face with the blush. A good trick is to smile and put the blush in the highest zone of the cheekbones

There are products for the contour of the face available in various textures: powder, liquid or stick. Remember that in summer with heat the skin tends to perspire more, powdered formulas or waterproof are more lasting.
I leave here as a suggestion the multiefeitos dust of who said, berenice? suitable for all skin tones, which brings together the three products: brass, illuminator and blush in one package. In addition to being a versatile product lasts up to 8 hours. The 10 Face Blush Brush of Kiko Milano is a natural fiber brush and oblique cutting, ideal for applying blush, bronzing powder and illuminator.