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Makeups for Brides with Glasses

Check out looks for brides with glasses and get inspired from these ideas to produce for the wedding. The accessory, which is often despised because of aesthetic taboos, can be incorporated into the visual without any problem. It combines perfectly with brides, decided well and happy.

Probably you’ve never seen a bride wearing glasses. Women with vision problems end up opting for the use of lenses, after all, don’t want to hurt the look of the wedding. The fact is that this conception is changing and the glasses are gaining space in Queens, looks with different frame colors, sizes and formats. Continue reading

Fall Wedding Dress Colors

Marriages in autumn sometimes are really beautiful: the leaves change color, the air is fresh and the feeling that a new season is always present at the gates. But deciding what to wear for a wedding in the fall can be really firm! If you, like me you are invited to a wedding this fall, here they are some ideas to inspire your wedding in fashion!

In this look you can see that there is a simple little dress very special that stands out to the eye for his release and is perfect why and elegant but without overdoing the formalities. The ideal is to go with it then a pair of opaque tights, and not have to suffer too much the temperatures of that period. It’s complemented with a pair of heels, practically inevitable: I personally love the ones in the picture almond shaped, I find they are perfect to balance the design of the dress. And let’s face it, no outfit is complete without a nice bag like the one in the leather pictures in metallic color.

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