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Trends in 2017, Bridal Bouquets

Can you imagine a bride without bouquet? The truth is that a bride without a floral detail hands would be us of the most unusual, right?. It is a beautiful complement to any of the styles of wedding we can find this season. And for each of them we find a bridal bouquet.

Even if you have a favorite flower and always wanted your bridal bouquet was made with it, you can take into account the salient trends for this season and choose best suited for your dress. Continue reading

The Most Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

Hello! We are going to inaugurate this blog talking about the wedding bouquets, one of the most important details for brides on their wedding day.

When you begin to think about how will be your bridal bouquets, don’t know if take into account only the colors, shape or type of flowers, because to go clarifying your ideas here, you are going to see the most beautiful bridal bouquets of this year 2016. Continue reading