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How to Design a Vintage Garden

Inspire you to give a nature and poetic spirit to your garden.

A Poetic Nature Garden

Conducive to daydreaming, the nature garden is distinguished by a particular decoration, featuring materials. Natural but whimsical, he staged of the rattan chairs hanging on the wall, some aligned shells and sticks forming a teepee. Creative, and recreational, nature garden is above all a place of escape. Continue reading

Vintage Fashion in Thrift Shops

Shop at thrift stores is a real camp and there are a few steps to follow that will help you get along! Our expert, Ana Mastrochirico, listed 10 tips for panning thrift shops.
Unlike the fast fashions that we are so used to, where there are several options of sizes and models, in thrift stores the pieces tend to be unique, so it is important to have watchful eyes and knowing how to recognize the hidden potential in each outfit you find. Today some thrift stores are now more modern, and make a pre-selection of clothes to be part of the acquis. But there are still those thrift shops or bazaars cheapie, which has many messy clothes and stacked, and believe it or not, is that you find the most interesting parts, vintages and cheap.

Following these tips will help you make better mines and to train our eyes to what’s really worth buying in a thrift store. Continue reading

The Decoration of Home or Office

Images may be used in frames, banner and even custom wallpapers

Pictures, besides being a way to decorate the environments, are also a ruse to make them closer, honor people and important situations, or even place the visitor on who are your hosts. In the bedroom, for example, the couple can magnify an image with the children. In another situation, the company can present frames with photographs of their offices.

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How to Buy a Sports Jacket

Second article in the series “Dressing well for the start” when I mention this time the sports jackets for men. And NO, it has nothing to do with the blazers.

In this man jackets guide you will find style advice, selection and of course the historic small the room.

The selection is sharp and you probably have not seen most of these names before, this is normal and it is this which makes for an excellent price / quality ratio.

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Vintage Clothing Style

It is no secret that the fashion of the last century has become a force and dnes. Po particular, it refers to vintage stil. Izvestni designers devote entire collections of this posoka. Vse again, not everyone knows what it is and how to play their image.

What is Retro Style?

things retro style called clothing that is fashionable in the period from 20 to 60 years of the twentieth vek. Imayte mind that this concept to 90 of the same century, sashtestvuvala. Terminat “vintage style clothing” came out with mods at the time, when things started to wear before 20 or 30 years.In the case, there are limitations-orders should not be older than 50 godini. Sega timeframe razshiryava. Sega clothes in a retro style, must be at Smaller 30 and not older than 90 years, che.V some respects, broader significance of vintage style – it’s retro.S other words, if you can find in the closet of old clothes her mother, aged about forty years ago, it may be called something vintage.

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Vintage Teapots

From the shelves of second-hand dealers, beliefs grandmothers or flea markets, old tin cans painted expect quiet and a bit ‘dusty, that the imaginative hands of Mirjana Smith transform them into fun teapots, retro-looking and a bit’ weird.

Boxes of biscuits and tea tins, joyful to escape the rust, they become unique and curious creatures, from the ceramic nozzle and iron legs. Precious metal boxes painted with flowers and birds, old door cigarettes a little ‘scratched from the passage of time, the Italian macaroons boxes and boxes of candy from even garish colors they shake the dust off and join each other in a new existence.

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