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5 Proposals for Safer Crossings for Different Modes of Transport

The National Association of City Transport Officials, known by its acronym NACTO, has developed six principles for drawing intersections that talk about how to take advantage of the streets to offer more efficient and safe journeys to all road users-pedestrians, cyclists, Users of public transport and drivers. Continue reading

Associations and Entities of Cyclists Responds to Against MPE

Response to the injunction request, made by the state public prosecution service, to stop work on bicycle lanes.

The Ciclocidade – Association of Urban Cyclists of São Paulo, along with the organizations mentioned below, express their indignation at the request to stop work on the implantation of the cycling system of the city of São Paulo, an action created by the State Public Ministry (MPE) 3rd Prosecutor of Justice for Housing and Urbanism – through the promoter Camila Mansour Magalhães da Silveira. Continue reading

It Happened at Dawn: the First Edition of Pedal Owl

Friends exchange the rest of the holiday for a night stroll along the rural roads of jaboticabal and region.

Organized by the Catraca Jaboticabal cycling group, the event brought together about 90 people. Groups of cyclists from Monte Alto, Guariba, Barrinha, Dumont and Pradópolis joined the bikers of Jaboticabal and made one of the largest rural walks in recent years. Continue reading

Security in Traffic Light Cameras Save Lives, Study of IIHS

According to an analysis by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety-IIHS-, cameras installed at the traffic lights in the 57 largest United States cities saved more than 1,300 lives during 2014; on the other hand, in populations where there is this kind of technology the number of accidents grew 30 percent. Continue reading