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Hackers Invade the FoxNews Twitter and Announce Obama’s Death

Today is a holiday national in the United States in which they celebrate their own independence. Day to celebrate the country, the achievements of the ancestors, et cetera and so on. But at least 33 thousand users of Twitter may have received a sad and shocking news: Barack Obama had been assassinated. This is of course false information posted on the portal account FoxNews.com. Continue reading

Changes in the Twitter API Developers Displease

The Twitter allows, through its API, developers to create the most diverse applications for the platform and thus some of them can earn good money with the applications of sale. Yesterday Twitter announced changes to this API that were not exactly well received by the developer community. The new API, which comes in version 1.1, will bring a number of restrictions and limitations that program makers not much likes.

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Twitter Loosens 140 Character Limit

The 140 – character limit of Twitter is becoming more flexible. The social network announced on Tuesday (24) that certain content, such as images, videos, polls and arrobas users will no longer be counted on the edge, allowing you to best use very little space you have to write your tweets.

The changes also reflect the way people interact on Twitter. When you reply to someone’s tweet, starting the message with the @ sign, it will be viewed by all his followers, not just those who follow both profiles. That is, it will not be necessary to do more footlights, as put a point at the beginning of the text. Enough. “@ User” to increase the range of the tweet.

In addition, you can retweet your own messages (!) If you have to climb some old tweet timeline, usually to share some new thinking. The function to quote a tweet, to play the entire message from another user, also will be available in the tweets of your own profile.

Users and developers are already being notified of the change in the 140-character limit of Twitter, but the new features will only be available “in the coming months.”Remember that the change does not apply to external links, including photos and videos hosted on other companies, which continue to be accounted for and will spend 23 precious characters of your tweet.

And no, you still will not be able to edit your tweets.