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How to Replace a Half Trousers by Cuissardes

Cuissardes is the name for the famous high boots, in the region in the knees. They are one of the most daring footwear fashion, which ends up leaving most people afraid to use and create a visually exaggerated and vulgar. However, if they are used with common sense they become great allies for the surrogate and style perfect for a half pants. Check out some tips and learn how to replace half trousers by cuissardes and let your look more fashion. Continue reading

How to Make a Pair of Bar

Pants of ready-to-wear sold in stores are often purposely made with extra length on legs to accommodate buyers. For those average or less than average, the legs of the pants may be too long and should be stitched hems to fit properly. Although many simply take your clothes to a tailor to make this change, if you have basic sewing skills, you can save money by making their own sheath pants at home. Here’s how: Continue reading

Black Pants: Meet Models

The jeans is a wild card that can be used for all types and in any occasion. Such versatility makes it indispensable in every wardrobe. It’s impossible to know for sure when the black trousers became a basic part. In the 19th century it was used only by men, always complementing a suit. Continue reading