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Ideas for Bathroom Shelves

The bathroom is the place where we spend more time dedicating ourselves to the care of our person and furnishing point of view the bathroom should be a maximally comfortable atmosphere.

To achieve this it is necessary to balance wisely usable space for movement and spaces for furniture and accessories able to contain the multitude of tools and products that we use in our beauty care.

Here is often in the bathroom, to save space and not sacrificing comfort, we resort to much practical solutions. Among these they stand out the shelves.

Placed high on the wall, the bathroom shelves are very useful complements to give accommodation to our products and make them readily accessible.

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Hand Towels for the Bathroom

In the life of every person found objects and items that may at first seem so insignificant, but by looking more into them, we understand that they perform very important for us functions. Just so it is with comfortable towels. Perhaps only now will think about this part of the interior of your bathroom, but as they say – better late than never. If they suddenly disappear, then you would immediately notice it, that is because they are very important and we donated comfort, softness and warmth.

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Your Job Does Not Have a Shower, Go to Bike?

If you feel like cycling to work, but leave the idea aside whenever you remember that there is no changing room or shower, these tips are for you. Willian Cruz, from the blog Vá de Bike, and Guga Machado, from Eu Vou de Bike, listed some simple solutions to adopt the bicycle as a means of transportation-even when you can not take a shower before work. Continue reading

Makeup During Pregnancy: Yes Or No?

Sleepless nights, hormonal changes and stains on the face are the most frequent skin problems during pregnancy. The solution is to use specific solutions, standardize the skin tone and achieve a more radiant skin with the help of makeup. Continue reading